The Weapon They Fear

Heaven Shall Burn
Lingua: Inglese

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Voice Of The Voiceless
(Heaven Shall Burn)

DA Antigone (2004)
Words - these words of freedom
A bequest - never to be silenced

In this world of lies, the truth, it means resistance
To make the masses see and sense their needs

He healed so many aching hearts and wounds
And threw back the baseness - back to where it came from

Aspired from the middle of his brothers
Charged this suffering and oppression
One single voice became a storm
His words and melodies - the weapon they fear

Threw back the baseness - back from where it came

Nobody is chosen to suffer
Nobody is destined to rule
Gagged his mouth but not his songs, the songs we sing
Fettered his hands but not the words he wrote
These songs we'll sing!

"Silence and screams are the end of my song." - Victor Jara

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