A Voice Within

Nalini Lasiewicz
Lingua: Inglese

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"For the benefit of Shin Yasui Memorial Library"

Da: "The Balkan Peace Album"

Shin Yasui

The Balkan Peace Album
(p) 2000 Lasiewicz Foundation
Tel: (323) 668-1811

Written and performed by Nalini
© 1999 Nalini Lasiewicz

This song is a tribute to human rights activist Shin Yasui, who was killed in a car accident in June 1998. Yasui was working with the "Mladi Most" ("Youth Bridge") project in Mostar as well as in Sarajevo and Foca from 1994 to 1998. His teachings in cross-cultural seminars and his all-partisan approach to conflicts have deeply moved people who knew him in Bosnia-Herzegovina and all over the world .
Your story will be told.....

Now that you've left us
I can see you, better than before.
I see a windy storm was blowing
Through your caring soul.....
Shin. A Voice Within.

You gave of yourself,
Listening to people who were cast away.
Offering friendship at a time where
All love was blown away.
Shin. A Voice Within.

Timeless. The life you led.
Kindness, in your own quite way.

Your story will be told…..
Your story will be told…..

Your life was cut short……Tears
overwhelm me and those you left behind
Carry your memory inside us
A brilliant, blinding light.
Shin. A Voice Within.

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