Child of A Fallen Soldier

Den Hollinden
Lingua: Inglese

Debbie's a daddy's girl,
she wears baby blue ribbons in her long blonde curls.
She says, "I know you gotta go, but, Dad, you better be back - before my birthday."
An IED by the side of the road
Broke his pinky promise – broke her home.
A sad man brought a folded flag to her mother..

Now she's a child
of a fallen soldier
She'd give anything
to have him back again,
But he gave everything he had
for his country..
Now the one thing that she knows
is that she's proud.

Brandon's a big boy
who'd rather play soldier than with toys.
All the heroes in his young life served in the Army
But the bravest of brave in his Hopi tribe
is a warrior her friends just call Pie.
To him and his baby sister, she's the Mommy.
He asked, "When's Mama comin' home; does anybody know?"
Till her spirit drifted down on that Tuba City snow.
He tried so hard not to cry
As he dropped those rose petals..

Now he's a child
of a fallen soldier
He gave anything
to have him back again,
She gave everything she had
for her country..
Now the one thing that he knows is that he's proud.

They're all sons and daughters of the ones who died
to give you and me a better life
A gift that big ain't a one-man sacrifice..

THEY're all children
of fallen soldiers
They'd give anything
to have them back again,
But they gave everything they had
for this country.
Now the one thing that they know (– The one thing we all know)
is that we're proud..

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