2008 USA Election Song

Murray Wilde
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics by Murray Wilde
Music by Murray Wilde & Nigel Cuff

This was an endorsement for Ron Paul 's 2008 election campaign.
UPDATE 12/09:
Obama orders 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, bringing the total to 100,000.
For this he gets the Nobel Peace Prize?
As Orwell wrote in 1984: "War is Peace." ?? (i.e. "Si vis pacem para bellvm"??!!)
– Are you ready? –

It's election time, who's the next in line
Are you ready?
The economy's down, better turn around
Are you ready?

If you wanna a job you've gotta head off to war
The crooks run free, who's been minding the store?
A worthless buck doesn't bring good luck
Are you ready?

The candidates say change is on the way
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)
If Hillary's first things will just get worse
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)

We've seen the work of the Clintons before
The back room games, we can't take anymore
Read my lips and say.. Hypocrites!
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)

Take a stand because it's your land
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)
A brand new start or we fall apart
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)

Say no to McCain and Obama too
Only Ron Paul represents the red, white & blue..
Vote for peace, or war won't cease
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)…

Show them what a democracy means
Majority rules, not a king or a queen
It's your right to put up a fight
Are you ready? (Are you ready?)
Are you ready?


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