Dear Mr. Bush

Ralph Buckley
Lingua: Inglese

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No War

…Please excuse me, Sir: I've got to go to the bathroom.
Mr. Bush what are you waiting for
you lied through your teeth,
and now you got your war

You want it-you got it
the press they bought it
I don't even know just what we're fighting for

Happy Birthday, Mr. president
The defense budget has all been spent
and now you need more money
and it just ain't funny
this is the 'United States of America's government'

The truth is always hidden man
I ain't fuckin' kiddin' man
but someday the truth will be shown
'cause war is neither won or lost
but death at such a cost
that I just wanna go home

Mr. Bush-with that stupid smirk
soon our country is goin' to go berserk
and I am so depressed
that i really must protest
Cheney & Rice and all the rest
should all be put under arrest
They're all completely obsessed
with murder greed hate and death
I just needed to get this off my chest
And break down and cry!!!

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