Home Forever

Murray Wilde
Lingua: Inglese

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Lyrics & Music by Murray Wilde
Album: Call of the Wilde
I've lived the straight and narrow
I've been a gentle man
Then government came calling
There's been a change of plan.

There's trouble across the water
The face of evil is there
You'll recognize the enemy
under rocket's red glare.

I thought the fight was righteous
Believed in what they said
War will only bring us Peace
Better days ahead…

I heard we won but still we bomb
Don't try and understand
This is our democracy
exploding across the land.

No armies on their battlefields
No generals lead the way..
Just patriots like you and me
With their lives they pay

No knights in shining armour
No princess I can save
A tale that ends in tragedy
awaits the bold and brave.

Years have passed in sorrow
Cries can still be heard
The helpless and the dying
Drowned by one man's word..

The only way we'll end the pain
is bring our soldiers home
Unity can shatter
the power behind the throne

The outcome never changes
when you make the same mistake
Reality won't listen
to the lies you make

I'm heading home forever
The place I need to be
Soon we'll be together
The truth has set me free
(Truth has set me free)

Had to leave, I know that it's been awhile - I'm coming home forever
I was down, now I'm coming back in style - Coming home forever
All your prayers are answered my little child - Coming home forever
Only place that I wanna live and die - I'm coming home forever

Coming home forever Coming home forever Coming home forever

Now I'm home forever.

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