When The Bomb Drops

Lingua: Inglese

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(The Man Who Dropped The Bomb On) Hiroshima
(Rod MacDonald)
Religious Wars
World At War


Subhumans – Rats (1984, Vinyl)
When the bomb drops I'll be a bank holiday
Everybody happy in their tents and caravans
Everybody happy in their ignorance and apathy
Nobody realizes until their television breaks down
The voices of the people are going unheard
They got nothing to say cos they're deaf and dumb
Too concerned with money luxury adultery
Complacency and politics and apathy will never mix
When the bomb drops they'll be a 4 minute warning
Three minutes of anarchy and one of blind futility
No-one left alive and no chances to survive
You've heard it all before-but I'm telling you once more
To forget is to forgive but there's nothing to forget
I ain't forgotten how to live and it hasn't happened [yet]
They'll drop the bomb for something to do can't remember what it's for
But I ain't forgot Hiroshima
I ain't forgot the war

5/6/2005 - 22:51

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