How Much For The Life Of A Miner ?

Anne Feeney
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Dump the Bosses Off Your Back [2008]


Lyrics & Music by Anne Feeney

"This is one of the songs I wrote for Jerry Starr powerful play, "Buried: The Story of the "Sago Mine Disaster".
You've heard "Sixteen Tons" and "The Coal Tattoo"
In the coalfields danger is nothing new
But here's the question I'm putting to you:
– How much for the life of a miner? –

It should come as no surprise
You'll hear them spout the same old lies
Every time a miner dies
How much for the life of a miner?

Somewhere far away from here
Accountants will project
And actuaries speculate on causes and effect
No pesky regulations from the thieves that they elect
And auditors confirm the yield from their "benign" neglect..

Each state has its price for a leg that's lost
Losing an arm or an ear has a preset cost
When the air goes bad and there's no exhaust
How much for the life of a miner?

A slap on the wrist – a paltry fine
Reversed on appeal on down the line
"An act of God” the courts opine
How much for the life of a miner?

Politicians posture at the mine face solemnly
Live reporters swarm like flies around the tragedy
Preachers tell us that the Lord behaves mysteriously
And PR spokesmen orchestrate deniability
And now their widows, sons and daughters come to you and me…
And ask: – How much for the life of a miner? –

Just how much - for the life - of a miner?

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