Depleted Uranium Is Nuclear War

Mike Stout
Lingua: Inglese

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Words & Music by: C. Michael Stout
Album: Soldiers of Solidarity [2006]
Depleted Uranium is nuclear waste.
It deforms, it sickens, it contaminates.
It ravages the body, eats at the brain
Breathin' it's like smokin' radioactive crack cocaine.
The cause of so much cancer, torment and pain,
Eternal damnation for whoever remains.

It's been used in Afghanistan, Kosovo, Iraq,
400,000 Nagasaki-like nuclear attacks.
(It's) filled these places full of poison, spread death everywhere
For the millions of innocent civilians still there.
A sure death sentence for generations to come,
Still killing long after the fighting is done.

It's poisoned our own troops and their families back home.
It's lodged in their lungs, organs and bones.
So many wounds invisible, exploding inside
Since returning back home tens of thousands have died.
Underneath the fancy speeches and government lies,
The betrayal of our troops cannot be denied.

Once it is used, it's forever here.
It has a half-life span of more than four billion years.
It's in the soil, in the water, in the air that we breathe.
The whole planet's grim-reaper, a devil's disease.
A war crime for all time, endless hell we've unleashed,
Depleted uranium is dubbing you and me
Depleted uranium is insanity.
The whole world has declared it a WMD.

And if you really support the soldiers and troops,
If you care about the environment anymore
And if you're concerned for the new-born and the unborn child,
If you're really pro-life for sure,
Right this wrong, ban this bomb,
Stop this violence, break the silence:
Tell your neighbors, friends and family the score –
Depleted uranium is nuclear war
depleted uranium is nuclear war…

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