Corporation Offenders

Counter Flow
Lingua: Inglese

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The Birth of Counter Flow
(Counter Flow)

Songwriters: Hyde & Ali Baba
Album: Status Quo

"Corporations attempt to unify what we wear, eat and even think. Corporations are given human rights, yet they don’t feel sympathy, compassion or concern, they don’t show you or the environment any love. There is only one thing they care about and that is to make money. They do this by any means necessary, for example Coka Cola has built its factories near Indian villages and privatized their freshwater. Nike, a brand most hip hop tick heads like to wear can only meet its demands by slave labor. The same with Starbucks and their supply of coffee beans through unfair trade, Halliburton, a major war mongering corporation that serves military needs. I could go on and on…."
Free radicals, counter flow brave hearts, all rise!

I was taught not to hate, memories of my childhood are faint,
I prefer it that way, where your average school was cool, I was picked on and had fights every day,
'cos I couldn't afford clothes that say,[Nike]
My story of how I was caste astray, but not in dismay,
I was then converted into a counter flow mind of state.

Fuck Coca Cola, it steals fresh water from poverty stricken Plachimada, Kerala, Kala Dera,
villagers have to que up for water like it was a post office on a mid day Monday,
Some turn back home buckets empty 'cos wells are sucked dry without sympathy,
They sell the locals coke mixed with DDT.
I walk into any store casually shakin' a cola can givin' it all I can.
So who-ever bastard enough to buy it,
no surprise will burst fizzy acid into the eyes, just wait for the uprise.

Hormones injected into BK beef, reconstructed CF chicken meat,
fuck the colonel and his finger lickin' recipe,
made by throat cutting chicken and other methods of cruelty,
plus KCF's soul music adverts are fucking cheesy, what this means to me,
they only give a fuck about makin' money.

Hence the existence of Obesity, occlusion of coronary artery. Contracting racial diversity,
although one can make a choice in society, its so hard for me,
to accept the replacement of graffiti for fast to fatten you up food banners in the street,
Mc Donalds is a growing gigantic evil industry, it's a shame people fail to see.
I go in and out to use the toilets for free. Ha!

Walking the street I often counteract, the MC Donalds xenophobic clown, with a frown
I cant help my self, every time I see I must punch down,
Drag him across the street like it was the statue of Saddam.

Bill Gates is a greedy fucker it shows, I'm about to Throw Microsoft's products out of my windows, You mistake for a fuckin' mugg to pay for two licence in the same house,
I get by using CD serials and cracks, we counter flow, we strongly believe in sharing through p2p.
This is how we rape the mainstream music and the movie industry. Violently.
Counter flow reached Colorado, pissed on star bucks window,
Sticking home made bubble gum on lock of the door, detonated stink bombs all over the floor,
Keepin' it corporate free,
so people live with no greed,
for slavery harvested coffie.

Low wadges for those that build company foundation,
Economic power concentration,
Walmarts gender discrimination,
Landscape modification and privatisation,
Noise and air pollution,
Never ending promotion of consumption world wide in any region. Culture and tradition, Homogenisation, destruction of any religion, capitalistic imperialism,
Using psychologists to conduct mass marketing through children…

This song is dedicated to anyone Counter Flow. My regards.

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