Goodbye War

Ray Korona
Lingua: Italiano

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The government says go fight this war
Be the great defender of freedom’s shore
Get a pay check too, a big world tour
And a medal if you die
Live each day with a gun in your hand
Shoot to kill upon command
Just don’t go asking why
They said we had to attack Iraq
For reasons that never were true
Now they say we have to stay
So they’ll be sending you
Hear their words they sound so lame
The war promoters are the very same
Profiteers in a money game
With billions to be made
Megabucks for rebuilding Iraq
You’re just lucky to come back
Thanks, for the role you played
Big Oil is awash in cash
With huge tax cuts to save their stash
While levies here are left to crash
And the people left to die
Blood for oil from our fighting Marines
Blood for oil from New Orleans
It’s time to say goodbye

inviata da adriana - 28/11/2009 - 15:10

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