Ed Billeaud
Lingua: Inglese

Album: Upcoming Sixth Album
When you get angry, when you get mad
When you start hating man that's really so sad
The people you're cursing, the people you hate
They might be a person just like you and me

That's somebody's mother, somebody's dad
Somebody's best friend that they ever had
Somebody's brother, sister, or child
Somebody's husband, or somebody's wife

So before you give in to all those dark thoughts
Before you start yelling, and flipping them off
Just take a deep breath, let your anger subside
'Cause hatred is death, and it will ruin your life

Aw, this world is on fire, it's all burning down
we're consumed with desire, and our leaders are clowns
The hatred's contagious, we all pass it around
This epidemic of anger is dragging us down

And they tell us who did what to whom yesterday
And we must vow our vengeance, we must make them pay
So like fools with no conscience we all toe the line
And say war is the answer, and for us it's no crime

'Cause God's on our side, and he wants us to win
They use anger and pride to get us to join in
But they lie to our face when we dare to ask why
They stay rich, fat, and safe, and send us off to die

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