Angry Political Song

Evan Greer
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Against The Blinking Green

"The title says it all. Recorded very roughly live at the Mugar Center for the Performing Arts in Weston, Mass. VERY ROUGH! I kind of hate this recording. The "crowd" that I performed in front of when I recorded was extremely small, and that took a lot of energy away from this song. The reason I wanted to record it live is because it is such a wonderful song to do in front of a big crowd. When I performed it in front of about 150 people at the Not My President's Day concert on Feb 26, 2003, I had the whole crowd screaming "NO MORE!" and cheering at the end of each verse.
The spoken-word section at the end is always improvised and often changes. It depends on how I'm feeling when I play it, and what's going on in the world at the time."
– …I hate George W. Bush in that all screwed fuckin' sacks, yes indeed… I like trees –

Throw a question at a monkey and it always ducks,
Slap a flag on a t-shirt you can make a few bucks,
And I'm not sayin' that I don't hate him too,
But we've got red blood, white hands and I'm feelin' blue..

People disappearin', tell me where did they go?
The melting pot melted about 9 months ago
It don't lower the death toll when more people die,
In this war against what, who, where, when, and why?

Please, Mr. President, tell us what to do
'cuz we've got red blood, white hands, and we're feelin' blue..

Bush kills a tree, but it's in the name of the war,
And those lousy immigrants better not knock on our door,
Suspect your neighbor if he don't own a flag
He's probably one of them no good commie fags!

Watch for people singin' too loud about something wrong
"Speakin' of which, Sir, do we have a file on the kid - that wrote this song?"

Red blood,
White hands,
Feelin' blue…

Soothing secretarial soliloquy keeps our country calm,
I just hope I'm not here when they drop the bomb,
And I hope they haven't already pushed the button when they finally get a clue,
'cuz we'll have red blood white hands and we'll be feelin' blue!

I've been thinking and I have my doubts,
Is it worth protecting if we have to turn it inside out?

You're either good or evil there ain't no in between,
So stand over here shut your mouth and pick up an M-16.
You little boys with guns just say goodbye to dad and mom,
And you'll go marching into our brand new Vietnam!

Remember Vietnam?
How many men didn't have to die?
How many children didn't have to cry?
And how many more times will the politicians lie?

No more
Say it, no more!

Because we're not gonna find democracy in Washington;
we're gonna have to bring it with us.
Democracy is only found in the streets, with the people.
But this country seems to have a serious problem with democracy right now.
Our faithful leader president Bush has decreed to all of us
that "You're either with us, or you are the enemy."

I am the enemy!
I - am the enemy.

We the people of the United States of America
vow to withstand tyranny and imperialism in all of its forms.

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