Another War

Compassionate Conservatives
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"Set to the tune of the Beatles' "Drive My Car", Bush and Cheney are overjoyed at the prospect of -- you guessed it -- another war. Featuring a special excerpt from Bush's March 19th speech introducing the Iraqi war."


Produced and released just as the bombs began to fall upon Baghdad in March 2003. Prophetic lyric: "Halliburton's gonna score"... indeed they have with billions of dollars of no-bid contracts to rebuild Iraq. These services included providing the troops with "filthy mess halls and rotten food", overcharging the government $61 million for hauling gasoline from Kuwait, and more recently charging Uncle Sam for empty flatbed truck runs. In addition to impressive profits, they are running up an impressive rap sheet!

Former CEO (and current unelected vice-president) Dick Cheney claims to have absolutely nothing to do with Halliburton's incredible Iraq success. He also vehemently denies any continued financial ties to Halliburton, but his deferred compensation and stock options indicate otherwise. War is lucrative if you know the right people, and painful if you don't. But finally the Pentagon has decided that there might just be some monkey business afoot.

This song also makes the claim that both Bush and Cheney are Nazis, mocking them with a German salute. Before dismissing this charge as crazy or ludicrous, we invite you to read this article, which points out numerous parallels between the 1933 Reichstag Fire and the 9/11/2001 attacks, and Wayne Madsen's detailed essay on the many similarities between the Nazi regime and the Bush administration. And, like Mr. Madsen, we have no intention of apologizing.

The "Extended Version" features an extended guitar groove and additional horrifying quotes from our unelected leader, the self-professed "War President". George Orwell would be proud.

(The Compassionate Conservatives)
Dubya wants another war
Dubya's just a corporate whore
Dubya wants another war
'cause Dubya's a Nazi

Ask Dick Cheney what's he going to do
He starts a-sneering, you know you're screwed
He's been known to keep a secret or two
And now he's keeping them all from you

Cheney wants another war
Halliburton's gonna score
Cheney wants another war
'cause Cheney's a Nazi

Jawohl Mein Fuehrer Ja!

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