And We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea

Lingua: Inglese

Album: Less Talk, More Rock - 1996

Less Talk, More Rock
"Publically subsidized, privately profitable!"
That's the anthem of the upper-tier (the puppeteer untouchable)
We focus a moment, nod in approval,
And bury our heads back in the barcodes of these neo-colonials.
While our former nemesis (ah, the romance!): the nation-state,
Now plays fund-raiser for a new brand of power-concentrate.
Try again, but now we're confused--what is class war?
Is this class-war?
Yes, this is class-war.

And I'm just a kid
I can't believe that I gotta worry about this kind of shit!
What a stupid world!
Yeah, this is just beautiful--no regard for principle
What a stupid world.

(We're) Born, hired, disposed,
Where that job lands, everybody knows,
And you can tell by the smiles on the CEOs,
Enviromental restraints are about to go.
You can bet that laws will be set,
To ensure the benefit of unrestricted labor-laws,
All kept in place by displaced government death-squads.
They own us.
They produce us.
They consume us.

Can you fucking believe this?
What a stupid world.

Fuck this bullshit display of class-loyaties!
The media and "our" leaders wrap it all up in a flag
their fucking shit-rag,

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 28/3/2005 - 22:53

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