Jerry Falwell
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Una canzone che "passa in rassegna" tutta l'amministrazione Bush....
Jerry Falwell, Jerry Falwell
What a dick - What a Dick
He blamed 9-11 on gays and feminists
What a prick - What a prick

Rupert Murdoch, Rupert Murdoch
Fucking jerk - Fucking jerk
He brainwashed those idiots into voting for an asshole
And it worked - twice it worked

Karl Rove, Karl Rove
Dirty rotten scum - Dirty rotten scum
He is more evil than Mengele and Hitler
treachery makes him cum - treachery makes him cum

Donald Rumsfeld, Donald Rumsfeld
Incompetent fool - incompetent fool
Can't equip the Boy Scouts, let alone the Army
What a fucking tool - what a fucking tool

Richard Cheney, Richard Cheney
Haliburton's chief - Haliburton's chief
Makes a ton of money on suffering and death
and someone else's grief - someone else's grief

Then there's Dubya, President Dubya
What can we say - what can we say
Please don't get me started, he's just this side of retarded
make him go away - please make him go away

Country of America, Country of America
wake the fuck up - wake the fuck up
You're led around by the nose by these evil fucking assholes
Fucking wake up! Fucking wake up!

inviata da Riccardo Venturi - 20/3/2005 - 22:18

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