911 (This World Gone Crazy)

Clan Dyken
Lingua: Inglese

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Dall'album "Love is"
testo di Bear Dyken
musica di Darryl Purpose

nine one one
my mind went numb
my words wouldn't flow
my songs wouldn't come
some big birds came home to roost and the whole world was stunned
when they rocked the big apple down to it's foundation
i couldn't see straight too much smoke was in the air
couldn't hear clear through the agony and despair
there was metal and concrete and paper floating everywhere
the dust was mixed with flesh and blood and skin and bones and hair
whammo bammo put a hurt on uncle sammo
the twin towers weren't the only things that fell
took a whole lot of illusion down with 'em as well
on that day we all stood naked
the fear was so thick you could almost taste it
no class no credit or cash can buy relief
when things are falling from the sky and crashing to the streets
it was a horrible thing the world changed over night
so hard to heal so hard to put right
a grim harvest of souls like the brave ones who rushed in
meanwhile the beast could not contain a grin
the nation was reeling like a giant that got stung
groping off balance and hungry for retaliation
liquid pain quickly hardened into rage
all the war dogs were let out of the cage
no one was laughing nothing was funny
some were counting bodies some were counting money
i don't pray to the east i don't bow to the west
just wake up in the morning and i try to do my best
to navigate my spirit through this changing reality
if i look a little bit closer it's kinda hard not to see
for every pumped up flag waving driver of an s.u.v.
there's a hundred thousand people in a third world country
struggling suffering families blown apart
water bad food gone no hope no heart
is it just me or did anyone else catch the irony?
the same mind set that nuked the citizens of hiroshima and nagasaki
got tanks in the holy land
assassins with an iron fist
running guns and drugs and torture camps
pointing fingers at the terrorists
turn the spotlight to afganistan
reduce a mountain range to sand
problem is that they're so poor
there's nothing left to bomb no more
meanwhile back home the president
to keep us free will crush dissent
in the land of the brave and the home of the free
you're not allowed to disagree
speak of peace and love or just ask why
you might get a visit from the f.b.i.
some day new yorkers may come to understand
they have more in common with the people of afganistan
then the multi national corporations riding all our backs
what motivated the thinking behind these attacks
in new york just like bag dad they won't forget
just because it's no longer on their t.v. set
missing faces missing places
human souls with holes that won't stop bleeding
hungry for the healing that they're needing
the healing that they're needing
oh the healing that they're needing
the healing that they're needing
we may all come to see it differently
and won't we spit and cuss
if we've found we met the enemey
and they enemey is us
jesus and mohamed
won't you come look and see
this world gone crazy
it's an emergency
this world gone crazy
it's an emergency
this world gone crazy
it's an emergency.....

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