Love And Harmony

Lingua: Inglese

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Deep Blue Sea

Trovata sulla Max Hunter Folk Song Collection dell'Università del Missouri, come cantata nel 1969 da tal Reba Dearmore, Mountain Home, Arkansas.

A questi due è andata meglio che non alla coppia della tragica "Deep Blue Sea"...
Here stands a loving couple
A joining heart and hands
One wants a wife and the other wants a man
They will get married if they can agree
And they'll march down th center
With love an' harmony

O, now they are married,
N' since it is so
Away to th war in a haste he must go
A weeping an' mourning an' that shall be th cry
If I never see my true love
O, surely I will die

But its yonder she comes
And its Howdy, Howdy - do
How have you been since I last saw you
Th war is all over and there's peace upon th land
And we'll all give them joy
By th raising of our hands

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