Black Deaths in Custody

Kev Carmody
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Pillars of Society"
There's one Black brother dead
Down in the Roebourne jail
One black martyr crucified
The cops drove in the nails
200 years of custody
We not allowed no bail
How do you face the mornings
When this injustice still prevails

Show me the justice
To be had here in this land
Show me the justice for every Black human being
Show us Blacks the justice
In this White democracy
When you can execute us without a trial
While we held in custody

One black brother gunned down
Inside the Moree town
The communities across this land we
Mourned as they laid him down
200 years we been forced
to stand beg outside the door
the system treats the symptoms
it never attacks the cause

There's a black brother killed
in a Brewarrina prison cell
200 years we been beaten down
200 years of hell
clamped in chains worked like slaves
never got a fee
how can you say it's justice
with his killers runnin' free?

One black brothers dead
Down on too many jailhouse floors;
Beaten down and sacrificed
Before the British law
200 years you celebrate a heritage of shame
you stole the land from which we're banned
left us walkin' in the rain

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