Dubbya Luvya?

Kev Carmody
Lingua: Inglese

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(Kev Carmody)
Thou Shalt Not Steal
(Kev Carmody)

Album "Mirrors"
George W Bush, ol' Dubya
He's a good ol'boy ol' Dubya

Smoke 'em out bring 'em to justice
Crusade, axis of evil
Not everybody luvs ya Dubya

Hollywood's and the media's reaction invades your brain
Got George Bush actin' like a born again John Wayne
Oscar nomination no odds who'll win
Rather be in Paris Texas than in Palestine
Not all the world luvs ya Dubya

Colonel Kurtz, now in Iraq and Afghanistan
Finished his work in Vietnam
Dubya's security its plane to see
Forces millions and millions to hide and flee
As aliens, asylum seekers and refugees
You got the whole world down on bended knee
Prayin' for an end to their insecurity

'Smoke 'em out, bring 'em to justice
Crusade, Axis of Evil'.

He's a good ol' boy 'ol Dubya
Not everybody luvs ya Dubya......not everybody luvs ya

Devout Muslim, Christian, Jew fightin' those wars for me and you
Hard for us to go say thanks
Dodgin' gunships, smart bombs and armoured tanks

Not all the world luvs ya Dubya

"Smoke 'em out, bring 'em to justice
Crusade, that ol' Axis of Evil'

Not everybody luvs ya Dubya, not everybody luvs ya

We Gentile, Infidel, Heathen Ones
Caught in the cross fire with worse to come
Monotheism that comes from the Middle East
Seem to be based on war......aint based on peace
Torah, Koran, Bible if ya take a look
Take their God's Word.....from that ol' Monotheistic Book
Not everybody.....not everybody....not everybody....LUVS YA
Not everybody.....not everybody....not everybody....LUVS YA...

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