Cannot Buy My Soul

Kev Carmody
Lingua: Inglese

For 200 years us blacks are beaten down here too long on the dole
My dignity I'm losing here and mentally I'm old
There's a system here that nails us ain't we left out in the cold
They took our life and liberty friend but they couldn't buy our soul

Joe Hill died, Che Guevara fought and Pemulwuy lay down dead
If a person speaks out critically here you can get loaded down with lead
How long can the majority wait for their story to unfold
They took their life and liberty friend but they could not buy their soul

The cleverman spoke precisely, humanity he said was done
It's creed of greed could not proceed if our struggle's to be won
For humanity's more important here than that constant quest for gold
You may take life and liberty friend but you cannot buy our soul

Jesus woke one morning, rode a donkey up through the gate
He could see quite clearly he was going to face his fate
And the powers that be, could see that he, could not be bought or sold
They took his life and liberty friend but they could not buy his soul

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