Kev Carmody
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Bloodlines"
Human freedom's fundamental....and justice a right
Equality's that thin line between wrong and right
When the Earth is denuded, her creatures oppressed
Then justice and freedom are put to the test

We say freedom, freedom will come....welcome freedom
Justice, justice will come....welcome justice

Freedom equality and justice are one
If we resist then justice and freedom will come
Freedom will come

The womanchild....the Motherearth
The land, the law, the human birth
The spirit child within my womb
The cycle of the autumn moon

My being's my spirit the land is my law
The industrial savages
Keep the oppressed so spoort
Resistance will break the stealth eagle' claw
Peace is much more that the absence of war

The manchild....the Motherearth
the land, the law, the livin sun
the creatures and the living plants
all cry out as one....they chant freedom

reach out for peace
embrace human love
our global brothers and sisters
shed generations of blood
freedom will triumph....justice endure
when we struggle united, against every war

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