King's Command

Dougie MacLean
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Snaigow"

"No, non vado a combattere per gli inglesi e il loro impero. Il mio unico regno sono le valli e i fiumi [gleann o glan, in gaelico] della mia terra e combatterò solo per proteggere la mia famiglia dalla prepotenza dei signori"
I've been called to fight for royalty
for the king at his right hand
be a martyr for my country
spill my blood out on the land
and if I should die in battle
then it's a noble thing I do
but if I should be a hero
then I will return to you

The glens have been my kingdom
my only royalty
and I would raise my sword against the lord
to protect my family
but to join an English army
and to fight for them abroad
no for England nor her empire
would I ever raise my sword

I can hear the trumpet sounding
it will lead me far away
but although my soul is leaving
my heart will surely stay
and I will fight for them tomorrow
though it be against my word
than to see my children perish
on an English soldier's sword

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