Maria Diaz

Roy Bailey
Lingua: Inglese

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Una canzone dedicata al Nicaragua.
L'autore di questa canzone รจ tal Lenny Galant (non credo si tratti del quasi omonimo canadese Lennie Gallant)
Nel repertorio di Roy Bailey a partire da "Leaves from a Tree" del 1988.

Leaves from a Tree
Maria Diaz is only nine
Yet she's seen enough hard times
To last a hundred lifetimes, maybe more
Seen children die so young, peasants fall beneath the gun
Heard a nation cry for justice in a war

Somoza's guards did come one day
Took her father far away
He was put into a truck with many more
No reason did they give as to why he should not live
He's just another peasant in a war

Maria cries to sleep at night
She says she dreams in black and white
Her mother says that coloured dreams will be no more
'til there's freedom in the land, tyrants are forever banned
And they let us build a nation without war

Late one night a gun did sound
There were Contras all around
And they searched the village houses for their prey
Maria's mother did protest, she felt the shot run through her breast
Maria stared in horror where her mother lay

In magazines and on the air
They all talk of war down there
Who the yanks support and who the reds are for
But was she left or was she right when her mother died that night
Or was she just another orphan in a war

Don't look for God up in the skies
You can't see God with closed eyes
They must open to the wounds that lie below
And see the children have a chance
A chance to live, a chance to dance
A chance to dream in colours bright with freedom's glow

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