Out Of The Clear Blue Sky

John Lester
Lingua: Inglese

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written and produced by John Lester

Big Dreams and the Bottom Line
when i was a young man
so many troubles seemed to come my way
i didn't see that i sowed the seeds of my anger
and they grew a little every day
always a battle for my ways
and always someone else to blame
so many enemies
but never did i wonder from whence they came
i never stopped to look inside
to see if i held the reason why
the world was coming at me
from out of the clear blue sky
now comes a time
when my country's also come of age
a hell hit the homeland
and everyone is rightfully filled with rage
the president's pointing his finger
and from the pulpit i heard him say
we're one nation under God
and by God we're gonna get them back one day
with no admission to reasons why
he placed all the blame on another side
and said the evil one came at us from
out of the clear blue sky
call me a traitor
say i'm a coward not a patriot
well i know we had to strike back
i just don't think we've planned the hardest battle yet
how many fights for freedom
will we wage while the peace is denied
and is that peace just a prayer we make on Sundays
and hope that God to bless upon us
from out of the clear blue sky
they were crazy
they were evil and they were wrong
but all the weak take a desperate measure
when they're backed into the corner by a foe too strong
my brother my sister
my countrymen and my friend
i think we've also got to take a hard look at ourselves
if we want to keep this from happening again
if we search beyond our pride
perhaps we'll find an answer that has long been denied
and peace will reign upon us
from out of the clear blue sky

16/11/2004 - 15:31

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