Winds Of Change

Roy Harper
Lingua: Inglese

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Da "Once" del 1990.

“Winds of Change” is a short little funky tune, sounding like Pink Floyd circa “The Final Cut” in which Harper calls out Gorbachev, Xiaoping, Thatcher, and all humans asking if the actions you have taken these past few years are really how you would like to be forever remembered.

(Tratto da una recensione su Almost Credible Reviews)

(Bernart Bartleby)
dung xiaoping
what's in your head
tearing your people's ideas
into a shread

what's in your head
cracks in the pavement
watch where you tread

what's in your head
trying to shaft us with poll tax
we shaft you instead)

when we are old
we'll remember the time
you came in from the cold

what'll it be
a flash in the pan
or eternity

in the winds of change.

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