Everywhere Is My Nation

The Vietnam Veterans
Lingua: Inglese

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Album "Ancient Times"
Ancient Times
I lived in so many towns
Found no place to built my house
In your mind
Till I'll die
I'll be the stranger

I can't tell you where is my home
Cause even where I was born
In their minds
Till I'll die
I'll be the stranger a stranger

I think i saw all of your chapels
I saw your Jesus on the cross
Is there a reward for the father
A reward for the holy ghost?

So capture the whole trinity
Will you give Judas a new gun
And to keep God in your city
Turn your chapels into prisons?

Hey Joseph please lend me your pincers
To pull the nails out from your son
The time is right to burn the banners
And start a new revolution

My own country is everywhere
And everywhere is my nation
Are you turned on are you aware
Of all the things now going on?

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