Recruiting Soldiers

Peter Tosh
Lingua: Inglese

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Album: Mystic Man (1979)
Mystic Man
I'm recruiting soldiers
For Jah army
Recruiting soldiers
Jah time is now

Satan forces
They all rise up to fight
They all rise up to fight Jah and the saints

See them fighting
Against Jah children

See them slaughter them light slaves
Hear them come say Jah is dead
But they didn't show me his grave
No, no

Anti-Christ forces
They all rise up
To fight against Jah and his saints
I can tell you

But there is confusion
In high places
About the lamb that was slain
And all these years I hear them say
Their building a nation
But all these tricks were just a game

Lightning forces
Jah time is now
Lucifer forces
They all they all rise up
To fight against Jah and his saints
But that won't work

Hear them praising old Marcus Garvey
Hear them exalting his name
But all these times they be doing that I say
If he was here right now he'd go to jail the same

Only to fight...fighting a losing battle
But they fight

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