Back it up

James Blundell
Lingua: Inglese

Do we go, do we not ?
Raise the blade, trim the rot,
Are you ready to be shot ?
Do we want a war ?

Anybody listening,
Haven't we learned anything,
What's the point of killing,
When it hasn't worked before..

Before the final culture clash,
Before this fragile peace is smashed,
Before we all do something rash,
Back it up..

Everybody breathes,
Everybody bleeds..

Situations simmer,
Nothing to consider,
Implications of a war,
Nobody will win,

Fundamental chaos,
Fighting for the right to use,
God's name in everything,
Related to the cause..

Before we step right off the edge,
Before 'We are at war' is said,
Before we start to count the dead,
Back it up..

Everybody breathes,
Everybody bleeds..

We elect the ones, who choose,
How many they're prepared to lose
Put in power supposedly,
To rescue us from death's decree..

Theological debate,
Collapses into racial hate,
Faith has made us dumb and blind,
To the future of mankind..

We all breathe, We all bleed,
We all share the basic needs,
Draft by colour, place of birth
You're on this team so pray it works..

Watch the camera on the world,
Keeping you and me involved,
Being fed what to believe,
With no control of what we seeĀ…

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