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Autore Kazem Al-Saher / كاظم الساهر

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بغداد الحزينة يسألون

Lyrics/Testo: Farūq Jowayda
Music/Music: Kazem Al-Saher

Our website has one striking peculiarity: it includes hundreds of songs, say, on Vietnam and Iraq war, but 99% are in English and/or in other western languages. There are only few songs in Vietnamese by Vietnamese singers, and there was none in Arabic by an Iraqi singer. This is the first one.

Il nostro sito ha una singolare caratteristica: comprende centinaia di canzoni, ad esempio, sulla guerra del Vietnam e su quella in Iraq, ma il 99% sono in inglese e/o in altre lingue occidentali. Ci sono solo poche canzoni in vietnamita di artisti vietnamiti, e non ce n'era nessuna in arabo di un artista iracheno. Questa è la prima. [RV]
أطفال بغداد الحزينة يسألون
inviata da Riccardo Venturi 16/8/2006 - 23:16
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The War Is Over

Da/From Harem (2004)
Featuring/Interpretata assieme a Kazem Al-Saher

Music: Kristian Draude, Patrick Benzner
Lyrics: Kristian Draude, Patrick Benzner, Sarah Brightman
Arabian lyrics: Kareem Al Iraqi, sung by Kazem Al-Saher [Kadim Al Sahir]
Solo violin: Nigel Kennedy

The luminous "The War Is Over" - a song that embraces an end to the conflicts in love - eloquently brings Sarah Brightman together with the Iraqi singer Kadim Al Sahir, as well as the classical violin virtuoso Kennedy. "We asked Kadim to do this song with me because we knew of his voice," Brightman says. "When he came into the studio, we didn't know what he would do. I told him, 'Just do anything, feel like you're flying over the melody.' So he just started, and it was beautiful. That was the take we used."

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My statues are falling
29/9/2005 - 14:21

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