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Bring 'Em on Home

Musica un po' copiata da You Ain't Go Nowhere (da The Basement Tapes di Bob Dylan & The Band interpretata anche da The Byrds)

Double-sided Vietnam War single by Chicano soul group Six Pak, released on the Californian label Gordo (# 704), founded by Eddie Davis (a sub-label of his Rampart Records). Both tracks had a Latin Soul feel to it - of course, the label focused on Mexican Americans.

This formed part of the West Coast 'Eastside Sound' music scene. According to the president of Rampart Steven Chavez: "almost 50% of the artists from the East Side Sound era served in combat roles in Viet Nam, losing their innocence to a war in the prime of their youth, and returned to a changed American music scene that pretty much turned their back on them with the advent of new genres like hard rock, heavy metal, punk, disco and the like".

Firstly, the group covered the song "Weep... (continua)
One by one, numbers are called
1/6/2020 - 22:25

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