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Love and Mercy


Dal primo disco solista di Brian Wilson

I was in my piano room, playing "What the World Needs Now," and I just went into my own song…worked very hard to get out what was in my heart on that one…it’s a personal message from me to people.…We wanted people to be covered with love, because there’s no guarantee of somebody waking up in the morning with any love. It goes away, like a bad dream. It disappears. Mercy would be a deeper word than love. I would think love is a gentle thing and mercy would be more desperate, ultimately more desperately needed, thing in life. Mercy–a little break here and there for somebody who’s having trouble.…"Love and Mercy" is probably the most spiritual song I’ve ever written

Brian Wilson 2000 Liner Notes
I was sittin' in a crummy movie
15/8/2017 - 23:55

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