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Lessons From the Past

Seven Sorrows, Seven Stars

Written by Yves Schelpe,
vocals performed by Mari Kattman,
mixed by Mitia Wexler
mastered by Geert de Wilde.

As the title suggests, the track deals with the history of the human race. In particular our destruction of the world around us, and the repeated mistakes we make. Ranging from the very personal to the global, we all make mistakes, and yet, we rarely seem to be able to take those experiences with us to prevent future failure.

As a student I adored history lessons, due to the fascinating stories. I admit, I had very good history teachers, they knew how to tell a good story and that is essential. Yet I hate to see that history itself is looked upon as a boring subject…

With this song I tried highlighting my interest (passion is too strong of a word) in history and it’s relevance to the world we live in now, and the future world we’re building.... (continua)
I see the same things happening every day, every night, every time and every hour
inviata da dq82 19/6/2016 - 15:30

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