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Cielito de los muchachos

La poesia di Benedetti dalla raccolta “Letras de emergencia, 1969-1973 – Versos para cantar”, 1973, dedicata a Nacha Guevara e Alberto Favero.


Están cambiando los tiempos
para bien o para mal
para mal o para bien
nada va a quedar igual

cielito cielo que sí
con muchachos donde quieran
mientras no haya libertad
se aplaza la primavera

se posterga para cuando
lleguen los años brutales
y del podrido poder
se bajen los carcamales

cielito cielo cielito
cielito a la descubierta
las botas del miedo pasan
por una calle desierta

viejos están y qué solos
qué ministros y qué viejos
tienen los pesos aquí
pero los dólares lejos

cielito cielo no importa
tienen miedo y es bastante
conocen que ya hace mucho
la historia sigue adelante

los tiempos están cambiando
están cambiando qué bueno
siempre el mundo será ancho
pero ya no será ajeno

cielito cielo qué... (Continues)
Alessandro 2009/11/30 - 14:52
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Chanson des Vaudois

Ho qualche dubbio che possiate pubblicarmi questo contributo, ma ci provo lo stesso…
E’ che vi voglio raccontare che per la prima volta in vita mia ho acquistato un’arma…
Ammetterete che non sarebbe proprio una cosa da scriversi su di un sito che parla di canzoni contro la guerra, ma l’arma che ho comprato è una “beidana”, la mannaietta (nemmeno tanto piccolina, nonostante il diminutivo) che i guerriglieri valdesi usarono nel corso del XVI e XVII secolo per difendersi dai loro persecutori piemontesi e francesi…
E’ quindi un’arma simbolo di resistenza, e spero che questo mio breve intervento per raccontarvela trovi asilo su questo sito.

Quella di cui finalmente sono entrato in possesso non è una beidana originale, non potrei permettermela… L’ho comprata a Luserna San Giovanni, in Val Pellice, da Pino Costa, il fabbro forgiatore che ha contribuito alla riscoperta di questo oggetto, bello... (Continues)
Alessandro 2009/11/30 - 12:48
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Le Déserteur


Il testo completo della lettera aperta
Cher Monsieur,
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/30 - 12:30

Depleted Uranium Is Nuclear War

Words & Music by: C. Michael Stout
Album: Soldiers of Solidarity [2006]
Depleted Uranium is nuclear waste.
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/30 - 08:23

Corporation Offenders

Songwriters: Hyde & Ali Baba
Album: Status Quo

"Corporations attempt to unify what we wear, eat and even think. Corporations are given human rights, yet they don’t feel sympathy, compassion or concern, they don’t show you or the environment any love. There is only one thing they care about and that is to make money. They do this by any means necessary, for example Coka Cola has built its factories near Indian villages and privatized their freshwater. Nike, a brand most hip hop tick heads like to wear can only meet its demands by slave labor. The same with Starbucks and their supply of coffee beans through unfair trade, Halliburton, a major war mongering corporation that serves military needs. I could go on and on…."
Free radicals, counter flow brave hearts, all rise!
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/30 - 08:18

Haven't We Learned

Album: Hold On To Your Dreams

"Haven't We Learned' is essentially a song about American politics and the general condition of the USA . I have long considered the parallels between the United State and its excesses and the great Roman Empire. It is Rome's crumbling from within that I refer to in "Haven't we learned from those who've come before us".
I lie awake and wonder
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/29 - 18:38

There Goes the Neighborhood

In early 2006, after the U.S. government threatened to pass harsher immigration laws, hundreds of thousands of workers, mostly immigrants, demonstrated for legalization across the country. Many of those who rallied were workers who are fighting to build a union. One sign at the march in Los Angeles said, "If you think I'm 'illegal' because I'm a Mexican, learn the true history, because I'm in my homeland." [please italicize "I’m"]
This was our land for fifteen thousand years.
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/29 - 13:24
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Les patriotes

Au monument aux morts, chacun rêve d'avoir son nom.

da Analyse Brassens

In Francia esistono 36000 monumenti ai morti in guerra e tra questi solamente 12 sono pacifisti. Se ne trova lista sul sito della Fédération Nationale de la Libre Pensée. Ecco cosa si trova iscritto nel marmo su quello di Saint-Martin-d'Estréaux

"Si vis pacem, para bellum ! ou si tu veux la paix prépare la guerre est une devise dangereuse. Si vis pacem, para pacem ! Si tu veux la paix prépare la paix doit être la formule de l'avenir. C'est à dire: Qu'il faut améliorer l'esprit des nations en améliorant celui des individus, par une instruction assainie et largement répandue. Il faut que le peuple sache lire et surtout comprendre la valeur de ce qu'il lit"

"Si tout l'effort produit ... et tout l'argent dépensé pour la guerre
l'avaient été pour la paix... ?Pour la progrès social, industriel et économique ? Le sort... (Continues)
2009/11/29 - 12:07

Dangerous Dreams

Album: Take Out

New York Times magazine couldn't understand why Palestinian children do what they do...
Well, that is not so difficult: they were being ethnically cleansed by the Zionist movement. People were force from their home, people were killed and homes were burned down, so the people fled in hope for a new and better live somewhere else (which most of them didn’t). Because of they would make it bigger it would lose it’s status as a refugee camp and would lose most of the support their getting from the UN and other organizations. If aid to the people would be stopped there would not be much hope for these people since they’re not educated, they don’t have money and don’t have any means to make a life for them selves. So the problem would only grow for these people.
The biggest ratio of martyrs in the two Intifatas came from Balats (if you count per capita), that the... (Continues)
Ahmed is sleeping, Ahmed is dreaming,
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/29 - 11:45
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Tarantella dell'ultimo bandito

Chanson italienne – Tarantella dell'ultimo bandito – Talco
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/28 - 19:11
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Toys For Peace

Album :The Safe Thing to Do

by Ray Korona and Pete Seeger
Take the turnpike through New Jersey
Contributed by adriana 2009/11/28 - 16:08
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Goodbye War

The government says go fight this war
Contributed by adriana 2009/11/28 - 15:10
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Pane e Coraggio

La poesia di Ivano Fossati : Pane e Coraggio ci fa riflettere sulla condizione degli immigrati che , spesso clandestinamente giungono in Italia incoraggiati dalla bellezza vista per televisione ma quando i commissari li fermano alle frontiera , capiscono di dover affrontare una dura realtà che li porta da una terra che li odia a un'altra che invece , non li vuole .
Marialucia 2009/11/28 - 14:58

Physiologie de l'allergie

Physiologie de l'allergie
Canzone léviane – Physiologie de l'allergie – Marco Valdo M.I. – 2009
Cycle du Cahier ligné – 68

Physiologie de l'allergie est la soixante-huitième chanson du Cycle du Cahier ligné, constitué d'éléments tirés du Quaderno a Cancelli de Carlo Levi.

Aujourd'hui, dit Marco Valdo M.I., Lucien mon ami l'âne à la cervelle plus claire que ton poil, nous allons faire la physiologie de l'allergie.

De quoi tu causes ?, dit Lucien l'âne en agitant sa crinière d'une façon un peu sèche pour la saison. Je te rappelle que tu es censé me faire voir une canzone et pas me faire un cours de médecine.

Je ne l'ignore pas, mon ami l'âne aux si jolis sabots. Mais souviens-toi que si la physiologie relève de la science médicale ou biologique, il existe une autre acception de ce terme. Ainsi, Brillat-Savarin qui fut un grand cuisinier a publié une « Physiologie du goût » et Honoré... (Continues)
Physiologie de l'allergie
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/27 - 22:14
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Bombs Make Terrorists

Album: "Wars Will Cease...When We Refuse To Fight Them"
Lyrics by Dave Gwyther.
Music by Dave Gwyther & Sturt Wills.

Terrorist is such an ugly word… and such a false one. Terrorist simply means those who cause acts of terror WHO ARE NOT the governing body. Governments cause acts of terror all the time but these are not seen as being as morally wrong as those caused by terrorists. The spin on terrorism is that its this brand new thing that has only sprung up in a post 9/11 world but that couldn't be further from the truth. Terrorism has existed as long as civilisation has existed, because terrorism is conflict with the state. And terrorism will always exist. What we must fight is the causes of terrorism: poverty, oppression. religious extremists (but no where near as much as we're led to believe), to name but a few. Dropping a bombs on peoples houses, who may very well be against the so called terrorists that the bomb is aimed for, will only fuel terrorism, not vanquish it.
I killed a child the other day
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/27 - 20:53
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The Bells of War

Album: "Wars Will Cease...When We Refuse To Fight Them"
Lyrics by Dave Gwyther.
Music by Dave Gwyther & Sturt Wills.

We didn't go to Iraq because they had weapons of mass destruction, that was always obvious. But the excuse convinced the masses for a time. And then when that was failing, we were told we went to war with Iraq to free their people from a brutal dictatorship (forgetting the brutality that exists in Sudan, Zimbabwe, Israel and many other countries in the world). But the cost of 'freeing' the Iraqi people was death and destruction: 'We killed the children of those who weren't free, because we believe in democracy'.
The bells ring, they tell me, the dead have come home
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/27 - 20:36

Party Member No 105

Lyrics & Music by Clockwerk

Examination of the contradiction between the presumed religious/moral motivations and economic impetus of the war on Iraq.
Party member number 105
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/27 - 20:13
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Foreign Fighters

Album: Better Kind of World [2008]

–…but they will have set that Iraqi oil free. –
Foreign fighters crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/27 - 20:09
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Ariva i barbari

D'après la version italienne d'une chanson en vénitien – Ariva i Barbari – Alberto D'Amico
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/27 - 18:05
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Concertamento: ore 14 Place Neuve (Bastions)

Du 30 novembre au 2 décembre 2009, se tient à Genève la conférence ministérielle de l'Organisation Mondiale du Commerce (OMC). Cette conférence a pour but de poursuivre le cycle de Doha* qui devrait être conclu fin 2010. 80% des accords concernent l'agriculture, y compris le commerce des denrées. Ils visent à réduire « les obstacles » au libre-échange, à « aider » les producteurs de marchandises, les exportateurs et les importateurs à leurs activités.

En fait, le projet de l'OMC est un projet de marché mondial total, couvrant tous les aspects de la vie, pour une reproduction sans limites du capital. C'est un projet productiviste qui accélère l'industrialisation du monde, qui gaspille les ressources, et un outil de domination au service des plus puissant-e-s. Nous vivons sur une planète... (Continues)
Lorenzo 2009/11/27 - 15:14
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Carselero, carselero

Nelle carceri italiane 11 morti nel solo mese di novembre, 159 nel 2009.
Dal 2000 ad oggi i morti sono stati 1.542

Associazione Ristretti Orizzonti

In carcere si muore con frequenza allarmante e spesso a morire sono persone giovani e giovanissime: delle 11 persone decedute in questo mese di novembre soltanto 3 avevano più di 50 anni, le altre 8 sono state stroncate dal "mal di carcere", che si traduce in suicidi, in overdose, ma a volte anche in morti per motivi apparentemente inspiegabili. A denunciarlo, in una nota, è l'associazione Ristretti Orizzonti, che indica in 159 i detenuti uccisi dal "mal di carcere" dall'inizio del 2009. Il caso più recente rilevato è quello di Alessio Scarano, 24 anni, ritrovato l'altra sera agonizzante nella sua cella del carcere di Cuneo. La famiglia solleva pesanti dubbi sull'accaduto: "Ci hanno detto che è morto per cause naturali ma lui stava bene, non... (Continues)
Alessandro 2009/11/27 - 10:36

Vue des Deux Mondes

Vue des Deux Mondes
Canzone léviane – Vue des Deux Mondes – Marco Valdo M.I. – 2009
Cycle du Cahier ligné – 67

Vue des Deux Mondes est la soixante-septième chanson du Cycle du Cahier ligné, constitué d'éléments tirés du Quaderno a Cancelli de Carlo Levi.

Comme tu le vois, Lucien l'âne mon ami aux si belles oreilles, la canzone s'intitule « Vue des Deux Mondes » et de fait, elle est composée de deux parties distinctes qui présentent chacune un monde différent et les interactions entre ces mondes. Ce qui explique partiellement son titre. Comme tu le sais aussi, il existe en langue française une revue – celle-là – assez, comment dire, prestigieuse et assez réactionnaire... intitulée quant à elle « La revue des Deux Mondes ». C'est évidemment à elle, à cette revue de l'autre monde cette fois, du monde adverse, qu'il est ici fait allusion en quelque sorte par antiphrase. Mais rassure-toi,... (Continues)
Les allergiques
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/26 - 22:06

When The Cotton Mill Women Rose

Album: The Point of Pittsburgh

The story of the Cotton Mill Women of Pittsburgh who fought to end child labor and the 10 hour work day.

In the 1840’s cotton mills were the primary employers of Pittsburgh’s young women and children. Allegheny City, now the North side, was the location of seven cotton mills employing thousands of women and children. They toiled 12 hours a day 6 days a week repetitiously feeding the relentless and unforgiving spinning and weaving machines. Getting home from work at 10 at night their long days were endless toil for little pay. Women cotton mill workers were paid a mere $2.50 per week for 72 hours of work, while male laborers in other trades earned $1.00 per day. In response to pay cuts in 1843 the female cotton workers marched through the streets of Pittsburgh parading with a banner proclaiming “Two dollars a day and a plate of roast beef”. Their outspoken... (Continues)
In the cotton mills of Pittsburgh, PA,
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/26 - 08:37

Martin Delaney

Lyrics & Music by: C. Michael Stout
Album: The Point of Pittsburgh

The story of abolitionist leader and renaissance man Martin Delaney
Martin Delaney was a knight for human rights,
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/26 - 08:14
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Il testamento di Tito

ciao, la canzone il testamento di Tito, l'avevo inserita il qualche anno fa, e lavevo fatto perchè se la guerra è la fine della speranza, mentre Tito riesce, vedendo Cristo che muore senza aver fatto niente per meritarlo (come se ci fosse un motivo solo al mondo per uccidere) se non invocare l'amore tra gli uomini, a non perdere la speranza nella Vita, sta per morire e vedendo "quest'uomo che muore, Madre (la Vita) ho imparato l'Amore'. Pur nella sconfitta di una vita sbagliata la Speranza non lo lascia, la Speranza non di un paradiso effimero ma di un 'sentire' di pace che lo riconcilia (lui in punto di morte, giustiziato) con il mondo e con sè stesso.
Ho voluto dire la mia, forse buona, forse no, ma in una raccolta di canzoni contro la guerra la inserii per ricordarMi che la vera morte è la morte della Fede nella Vita, della Speranza.
jil 2009/11/25 - 23:25
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È notte

Contributed by Daniel Bellucci Nizza 25 novembre 2009 2009/11/25 - 22:34

Rachel Corrie

Album: War and Resistance
Lyrics & music by: C. Michael Stout

Rachel Corrie a 23 year old college student from Olympia Washington, was murdered by a bulldozer driver on March 16, 2003 in Rafah Palestine. She stood in the path of an Israeli army bulldozer trying to prevent it from destroying a Palestinian home. Other non-violent international activists who witnessed the murder said the bulldozer driver was aware Rachel was there and intentionally destroyed the house and her. He dropped sand and heavy debris on her, then pushed her to the ground and drove over her. Rachel was in Gaza opposing the bulldozing of Palestinian homes as a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement. In her emails to her parents before the incident she described the plight of hundreds of innocent families who homes and businesses have been bulldozed. Rachel's death, made the U.S. papers for... (Continues)
Rachel Corrie was a warrior for peace,
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/25 - 18:03
Song Itineraries: Rachel Corrie
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Field Of Poppies

Album: "Wars Will Cease...When We Refuse To Fight Them"
Lyrics by Dave Gwyther
Music by Dave Gwyther & Sturt Wills

On one Christmas day during World War 1 both sides put down their guns and met in No-Mans land. They shook hands and shared cigarettes and stories and played a game of football… The WW1 was a brutal bloody battle of dying empires that saw millions perish. And yet on one historic day two sides who had been locked in desperate fighting ceased their guns and met in no-mans land where they realised that they weren't German, or English, or anything like that. They realised that they were just men. All the same. And the war, and perhaps all wars could have ceased on that day with this monumental realisation, if the commanders had not ordered the men back into the trenches, threatening that if they did not go back to shooting each other, they would be shot themselves.... (Continues)
I lay in the poppies in the field of death
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/25 - 15:14
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Album: Wars Will Cease...When We Refuse To Fight Them
Lyrics by Dave Gwyther
Music by Dave Gwyther & Sturt Wills

The land of Israel, being the ancient land of Canaan before being conquered by Moses, and arguably being a Jewish territory before that, was promised by a withdrawing British Empire to be given to the native Arabs for their assistance in World War 2. However, the devastating holocaust lingering anti-Jewish resentment in Europe resulted in millions of displace Jews. The Allies needed to resettle them. Several places were suggested, including Africa, but the Jewish people were adamant that only the land of Israel would do. And thus in 1948, to the dismay of the local Arabs, the state of Israel was born. Today it remains a state of turmoil, where the Arab population is arguably treated as second class citizens. Their freedom of movement is restricted and what little land they have is taken away. This song is about the Apartheid here.
Salam Ala Khum to the people out there
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/25 - 12:31


Album: Upcoming Sixth Album
When you get angry, when you get mad
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/25 - 08:51
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Ariva i barbari

complimenti per il sito, davvero straordinario!
Volevo segnalare, nella traduzione in italiano, che "peoci" non va tradotto con "pidocchi" ma con "cozze", un "piatto tipico" della laguna veneziana. Inoltre, visto che il video della canzone è stato rimosso dall'utente, mi permetto di segnalarvi una mia personale versione a questo indirizzo:

Continuate così!!!
Betto Balon 2009/11/25 - 00:29
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Tired Of You

Album: TruthSeeker

Living in post colonial southern African economy. An illustration on the injustices of globalization and colonization.
From centuries of royalty, ruling kingdoms
Contributed by giorgio 2009/11/24 - 20:01
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Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye

Come detto nell'introduzione, la melodia di "Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye" è stata poi utilizzata durante la guerra civile americana per la canzone patriottica "When Johnny Comes Marching Home"...

Molto meno patriottica la versione "natalizia" che circolava tra le truppe in Vietnam, della quale però ho trovato solo un frammento su Mudcat:

"When Johnny comes home in a plastic bag, Hurrah, Hurrah.
When Johnny comes home in a plastic bag, Hurrah, Hurrah.
When Johnny comes home in a plastic bag, We'll all turn out in the streets and gag
And we'll all be dead by Christmas time next year."
Alessandro 2009/11/24 - 15:55

Kissinger et son prix Nobel de la paix

Bella vignetta a firma di Tinta Cruel.
Alessandro 2009/11/24 - 14:53
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Chanson italienne – 7 – Casa del Vento - 2009

« L'Italie est une République démocratique fondée sur le travail »

Ainsi commence notre Constitution. Si on pense à ce qui se passe dans nos vies et dans la société, nous voyons tant de contradictions.
Cet album parle du travail, des conquêtes et des défaites du passé, des droits obtenus, mais aussi d'une régression de ces derniers dans l'actualité que nous vivons. On parle de sueur et d'exploitation des ouvrières, des ouvriers, des mineurs et des paysans, on y parle des migrants d'hier (les Italiens) et des migrants d'aujourd'hui, on y parle du manque de mémoire et de conscience endormie.
On y parle de jeunes chômeurs sans certitudes et sans espérances. De la honte des morts au travail, par milliers dans ce pays.
Avec force et tendresse, des histoires de notre terre, de celles d'Italie et du monde.
Car le monde entier est notre maison.
De... (Continues)
Contributed by Marco Valdo M.I. 2009/11/24 - 10:33
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Blowin' in the Wind

Dal bel blog Any Major Dude, alcune versioni della canzone, compresa la Gerde’s version e quella che Dylan eseguiva al Greenwich con il gruppo dei New World Singers, e pure "No More Auction Block", la slave-song da cui Dylan trasse ispirazione...
C'è pure la versione in tedesco della Dietrich...

New World Singers – Blowing In The Wind
Bob Dylan – Blowin’ In The Wind (Gerde’s version, 1962)
Bob Dylan – No More Auction Block (1962)
Marlene Dietrich – Die Antwort weiß ganz allein der Wind
Alessandro 2009/11/24 - 08:24

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