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No Just War

Bob Murray
Testo e musica di Bob Murray
Lyrics and Music by Bob Murray

Da / From:
Straw and Powell, Blair and Bush,
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 23:11

Iraqi Girl

Lyrics and Music by Rosemary Faire
Testo e musica di Rosemary Faire


"Driving home from work one evening I heard a radio discussion of the cropping of a photograph. It disturbed me deeply. The next evening I had the opportunity to meditate and I felt a song wanting to be written which emerged the next day. When my friends heard it they said it was 'too strong'. But I found willing listeners at a Truth Mandala workshop (Macy & Brown, 1998) concerning the war and our feelings about it. The story of this Iraqi girl is continuing to influence my life." -Rosey Faire.

Macy, J. & Brown, M.Y. (1998). Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World, Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers.

Rosey Faire, Community Music Therapist, Sydney
I heard about you on the radio
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 23:08
A wonderful poem by Umberto Saba, Teatro degli Artigianelli, set to music and performed in the early 60's by the Leghornese folksinger Desiderio Rainelli, allows AWS/CCG to reach the Author nr 1000 entered into the database collection.
Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 22:17

Teatro degli Artigianelli

[Eseguita per la prima volta nel 1962 alla Casa del Popolo di Via Fabio Filzi, a Livorno]

[First performed 1962 in Leghorn, at the "People's House" of via Fabio Filzi]

Poesia di Umberto Saba
Musica improvvisata di Desiderio Rainelli

Poem by Umberto Saba
Tune improvised by Desiderio Rainelli

Si tratta della canzone del Millesimo Autore inserito nelle CCG/AWS.

This song is by the Author number 1000 entered into AWS/CCG.

Umberto Saba

Umberto Saba nasce a Trieste nel 1883 da madre ebrea che viene abbandonata dal marito e di questa situazione ne soffre crescendo tra conflitti familiari ed una infanzia segnata dalla malinconia e dalla lontananza dal padre, girovago ed eterno scontento. La carriera scolastica è alquanto irregolare, abbandona il ginnasio e frequenta solo per poco tempo l'Imperial Regia Accademia di commercio e nautica, interrompendola per impiegarsi in... (Continues)
Falce martello e la stella d'Italia
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 22:08

Return AKA 194

Lyrics and Music by Iron Sheik
Testo e musica di Iron Sheik

New Pro-Palestinian Rap Music

"Music is an integral part of culture and it is often used to express ourselves, either by creating it or listening to it. In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there has been little in the way of music that describes the history of the Palestinian plight, until now. One of the most brilliant new artist/activist to take his message to the microphone is the Iron Sheik."
Return...of the refugees
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:53
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I'm Getting Ready For World War Three

Testo e musica di John Robin Devany
Lyrics and music by John Robin Devany

Da / From:

"Written just before the start of Gulf War Two and inspired by the media frenzy that was part of the lead up. War is good for the advertising business, so we all end up eating from the same trough." -John Robin Devany.
I'm getting ready for world war three
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:48
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Guantanamo Bay

Testo e musica di John Robin Devany
Lyrics and Music by John Robin Devany

Da / From:

"The name 'Guantanamo Bay' evokes an image of paradise. A little private bay with full waiter service for all the essentials of life - but nothing more. A song written in the difference between a dream and a nightmare."- John Robin Devany.
I got a letter from the USA
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:45

Gory Gory In Fallujah

Sebastian Mendler
Testo di Sebastian "Skip" Mendler
Lyrics by Sebastian "Skip" Mendler

Sull'aria di "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" (!)
To the tune of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Da / From:
Mine eyes have seen the glory of the ousting of Saddam
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:41

Evil Minds

Ken Pinkstaff, Chuck Blaser & James Salazar
Testo di Ken Pinkstaff e Chuck Blaser
Lyrics by Ken Pinkstaff and Chuck Blaser

Musica di James Salazar e Ken Pinkstaff
Music by James Salazar and Ken Pinkstaff

Da / From :

"I think that everyone has their own thoughts about what happened on September 11 2001. When I woke up that morning my wife came in to wake me up and told me that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. I didn't believe it at first but turned on the television to see what was happening. My first thought was that I was still dreaming a bad dream. But when the second tower was hit I knew then that this was real and it was no accident. After about an hour my friend called and said can you believe this? I said, "no" The tower had just fallen.

Within a few days we were contacted by our music publisher who asked us if we had a song about the World Trade Center tragedy.... (Continues)
When I look at the sky
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:15

Duct And Cover (A Catacalypso)

Lyrics and Music by Mark Levy
Testo e musica di Mark Levy

From / Da:
I heard on the news that we're on high alert
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:11
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The Green Fields Of France (No Man's Land)

"Willie McBride's Reply" - A parody of "The Green Fields of France" by Stephen L.Suffet.
"Willie McBride's Reply" - Una parodia di "The Green Fields of France" di Stephen L.Suffet.


Il testo è ripreso da/Lyrics are reproduced from questa pagina/this page.

Come tutte le grandi canzoni, anche "The Green Fields of France" ha avuto ed ha le sue parodie. Ne presentiamo qui una in cui il soldato semplice Willie McBride da una risposta inequivocabile a Eric Bogle.
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:08

Duct Tape!

Testo di Stephen L.Suffet
Sull'aria di "Slip Knot" di Woody Guthrie

Lyrics and Music by Stephen L.Suffet
To the tune of "Slip Knot" by Woody Guthrie


"The new words were written in 2003 after the U.S. government officials advised people to stock up on duct tape as the war in Iraq seemed imminent. They were to use the tape to seal windows and doors in the event of a chemical or biological attack. The parody is based on Woody Guthrie'a song Slip Knot, written in the 1940s on the subject of lynching."
If you're worried about Osama,
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 21:03

Slušaj ‘vamo

Rivista da Riccardo Venturi [10.5.2016]

Nota. La pagina originale (19.8.2005) è molto "antica" relativamente a questo sito; fino ad oggi (10.5.2016) era rimasta attribuita ai Partibrejkersi (o Partibrejkers), che da qualche parte devono avere interpretato la canzone "in proprio". La traduzione di Monia è stata appositamente rivista per la nuova pagina (in particolare per le -numerose- espressioni gergali o "popolari" presenti nel testo).
2005/8/19 - 20:59
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Victor Jara

Singel MNW46S / "Fri Information" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 76" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 1976" /
"Wiehe - 30 sånger" /
"Ingenting förändras av sig själv" / "Sånger i tiden"
"Hoola Bandoola Band - Samlade 1971 - 1976" /
"Aldrig bli som ni, CD 2" /
"Hoola Bandoola Band 1971 - 2011":

Mikael Wiehe: sång, akustisk gitarr, flöjt / canto, chitarra acustica, flauto / singing, acoustic guitar, flute / chant, guitare acoustique, flûte / laulu, akustinen kitara, huilu
Björn Afzelius: kör / coro / choir / chœur / kuoro
Povel Randén: kör, akustisk gitarr / coro, chitarra acustica / choir, acoustic guitar / chœur, guitare acoustique / kuoro, akustinen kitara
Arne Franck: elbas / basso elettrico / el bass / basse électrique / sähköbassi
Per-Ove "Muffe" Kellgren: trummor / percussioni / drums / percussions / rummut

Inspelad och mixad i MNW:s studio i Waxholm
av Tommy Berkert, augusti... (Continues)
Det finns många som gör konster och krumsprång för dom som har makten.
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 20:12
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Kalla Kriget


Una lunghissima ballata che...rivisita l'intera storia della guerra fredda in un'epoca in cui essa era ancora ben lontana dal terminare. Viene però la voglia di sottotitolarla: "Scritta appena ieri"...

A very long ballad by a Swedish band revisiting the entire story of the Cold War in a time when its end wasn't in sight yet. But a definitely appropriate side title for it could be well "Written only yesterday"...
När Roosewelt var död och Truman tog vid
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 20:02

Everybody Must Get Bombed

Lyrics by Ray Sweatman
Music by Bob Dylan (Rainy Day Women)

Come on everybody, it's time for the Greatest Show on Earth! Break out your favorite drink, turn on CNN, don your Cowboy Hat and boots, grab your partner, and let's kick up a serious Texas Hoedown...The Dixie Chicks have sung the National Anthem and their new hit 'Mr. President, I'm Behind You,' Randy Newman has just finished singing Brown People Got No Reason to Live and of course Let's Drop the Big One Now and now Mr. Bob Dylan is coming to the stage to sing his newly revised 'Rainy Day Women.' So let's party! Hit it, Bob!
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/19 - 18:38

Je vous salue Fratrie


Sull'aria de "La Prière" di Georges Brassens, di cui è una parodia.

Air : La Prière de Georges Brassens, décembre 97
Par la Kalachnikov et le fusil M16
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/19 - 18:29

La Java de Bouche en Blair

Sull'aria de La Java des Bons-Enfants di Marc Lemaunier e Raymond La Science

Air : La Java des Bons-Enfants de Marc Lemaunier et Raymond La Science, février 2003
Au QG d'la Maison Blanche,
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/19 - 18:25

V'là l'Sale Temps

Sull'aria di V'là l'Bon Vent, canzone popolare canadese del XVIII secolo

Sur l'air de V'la l'Bon Vent, chanson populaire canadienne du XVIIIème siècle, février 2003
Militaires, va-t-en guerre
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/19 - 10:53

Que la Guerre est Douce


Sull'aria de Le loup, la biche et le chevalier di Maurice Pon, interpretata da Henri Salvador e altri

Sur l'air de Le loup, la biche et le chevalier de Maurice Pon, interprétee par Henri Salvador et autres, mars 2003
Que la guerre est douce,
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/19 - 10:48
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Gioia e rivoluzione

I just translated this song to English so that non-Italian readers can benefit from the lyrics. I've tried to be as literal as possible. Enjoy Area music!
Contributed by Matteo Settenvini 2005/8/19 - 01:56
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Who'll Stop The Rain?

Group leader John Fogerty wrote this. Like some of his other songs, like "Fortunate Son," it is a protest of the Vietnam War.

When interviewed by Rolling Stone magazine, John Fogerty was asked, "Does 'Who'll Stop The Rain' contain lyrically specific meanings besides the symbolic dimension?" His response: "Certainly, I was talking about Washington when I wrote the song, but I remember bringing the master version of the song home and playing it. My son Josh was four years old at the time, and after he heard it, he said, 'Daddy stop the rain.' And my wife and I looked at each other and said, 'Well, not quite.'"


Bruce Springsteen opened with this song during his summer stadium tour of 2003 whenever it was raining.


Who'll Stop the Rain" is written in the classic folk tradition about the lives of common people neglected by those in power. It's a political statement against politicians... (Continues)
Long as I remember
2005/8/18 - 23:49
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Bring The Boys Home

Written by Angelo Bond, General Johnson & Greg Perry

Scritta durante la guerra nel Vietnam, fu naturalmente censurata per paura che "aiutasse il nemico"
Fathers are pleading, lovers are all alone
2005/8/18 - 23:39

Take This Rifle

A parody of "Take This Hammer" (Lansdale 1976) advocates nothing less than the complete abandonment of combat service.

from Songs of the Vietnam war: an occupational folklore tradition
Take my rifle,
2005/8/18 - 23:07

Ballad Of The Green Berets (A Parody)

A parody of the "Ballad of the Green Berets" (Lansdale 1976)
from Songs of the Vietnam war: an occupational folklore tradition

Barry Sadler era un "berretto verde canterino", famoso per la ultra patriottica "Ballad of the Green Berets"

Questa parodia riporta un po' di realismo all'affermazione della ballata originale dove i soldati erano pronti a "saltare e morire"
Frightened soldiers from the sky
2005/8/18 - 23:03
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Who Am I?

dall'album "I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die" (1967)
Who am I
2005/8/18 - 22:38
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The Men Behind The Guns

18 agosto 2005
2005/8/18 - 22:34

À la Guerre

George Bush s'en va-t-en guerre
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/18 - 22:15
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Here's To The State Of Richard Nixon

18 agosto 2005
2005/8/18 - 21:29
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What About Me

(Dino Valente)
December, 1970

Canzone che apre e dà il titolo al quinto album di Dino Valenti e soci.‎
Scritta da Jesse Oris Farrow, pseudonimo di Dino Valenti, pseudonimo di Chet Powers.‎
Interpretata anche da Richie Havens

Un attacco senza mezzi termini all’America capitalista, imperialista e militarista degli anni di Nixon ‎e della guerra in Vietnam. Nei versi che recitano “Se scendi in piazza per ciò in cui credi, preparati ‎ad essere ucciso” e “Mi sento uno straniero nel paese in cui sono nato” c’è tutta la rabbia dei ‎Quicksilver e di tutti i giovani americani per gli assassinii di Stato avvenuti alla Kent University nel ‎maggio di quello stesso anno (e si vedano al proposito le molte canzoni presenti sul sito, da Ohio ‎a Driving Through Mythical America a The Knife).‎


The aftermath of Kent State and Jackson State even had some of the hippie bands of San Francisco... (Continues)
You poisoned my sweet water.
2005/8/18 - 18:02
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Two Hangmen

Mason Profitt, on the other hand, were one of the first groups to have the vision to cross over from folk to rock to country and still send a message to the youth of America. In their 1969 LP, Wanted! was the song Two Hangmen. This became an underground FM staple about the troubling direction the country was heading in the late sixties. Mason Profitt are considered in some circles to be the best band that never made it to the big time.

(from Vietnam Era Antiwar Music, where you can listen to a real audio sample of the song)
As I rode into Tombstone on my horse whose name was Mac
2005/8/18 - 17:48
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It Better End Soon

(Robert Lamm-Terry Kath)

Political awareness was affecting middle of the road bands too. Chicago a.k.a. Chicago Transit Authority began delving into politics as well. In their 1st LP released in 1969, the band included chants from demonstrators outside the 1968 Democratic Convention. In the 1970 LP Chicago II Robert Lamm penned a song titled It Better End Soon about the kinds of questions the youth of America were asking and specifically about the Vietnam War.

Robert Lamm: 'I think just being alive in those times and watching that conflict in asia unfold on television daily because lord knows we all sat around and watched a lot of television, then the culture shock of moving from chicago to california. and then the alternative press, the L.A. Free Press, was very much into the hot topic of revolution. It seemed that the generation of which i was a member and the generation which... (Continues)
Can't stand it no more
2005/8/18 - 17:26
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From the LP "After Bathing at Baxters" (1967)

Dopo che Grace Slick si unì ai Jefferson Airplane nel 1966, la musica divenne più audace e più politica. Secondo il biografo degli Airplane Jeff Tamarkin, durante le registrazioni dell'LP "After Bathing At Baxter", Grace Slick stava sperimentando una ricerca di testi più intellettuali.

La canzone "Rejoyce" era basata sul romanzo Ulisse di James Joyce.
Grace Slick: 'Ho semplicemente dato per scontato che la maggior parte delle persone della mia generazione avevano fatto almeno un paio d'anni di scuola superiore e ho inoltre pensato che la mia generazione avrebbe capito l'umorismo nero della canzone, l'idea di una madre che dice quanto è meraviglioso suo figlio perché ha ammazzato un sacco di gente. Una sorta di moda disgustosa del tempo di guerra.'

Traduzione del commento in Vietnam Era Antiwar Music, dove si può ascoltare la canzone in formato... (Continues)
Chemical change like a laser beam
2005/8/18 - 17:16
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Love In War


Speakerboxxx / The Love Below
Let's kiss, not fight
2005/8/18 - 17:06
Song Itineraries: Make Love, Not War
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The Green Fields Of France (No Man's Land)


Versione retoromancia (Romantsch Grischun) di Emil Schavut
Ricevuta il 18 agosto 2005
Swiss Romanche version by Emil Schavut
Received on August 18, 2005
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/18 - 12:02

E fruntiere

Mi so scurdatu di è to ferité, o ba righjarami la menté
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/17 - 16:24
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Knock On The Door

17 agosto 2005
2005/8/17 - 16:00
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Is There Anybody Here?

17 agosto 2005
2005/8/17 - 15:58

A pace

Cum’é ùn fratellu chi camina a lu to latu
Contributed by adriana 2005/8/17 - 15:35
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Spanish Civil War Song

17 agosto 2005
2005/8/17 - 10:46
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The Cannons Of Christianity

17 agosto 2005
2005/8/17 - 10:44
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In den Kasernen

17 agosto 2005
2005/8/17 - 10:42
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Bella Ciao


di Andrea Prevignano

Santoro l'ha cantata (stonatissimo) in apertura di Sciuscià per sottolineare la sua determinazione a "resistere resistere resistere" allo smantellamento della Rai; di recente il pubblico del Teatro Vascello l'ha intonata per protestare contro l'irruzione di un gruppo di neofascisti intervenuti a interrompere lo spettacolo "Mai Morti" di Bebo Storti, monologhi sulla Decima Mas; il combat folk italiano se n'è impossessato in più occasioni: la versione [al giorno d'oggi, NdR] più famosa è quella dei Modena City Ramblers.
È Bella Ciao, la canzone per eccellenza della Resistenza, il canto partigiano più popolare tra tutti quelli che hanno accompagnato le stagioni di lotta della Seconda Guerra Mondiale e dell'immediato dopoguerra, senza contare l'uso che se ne fece durante le dimostrazioni dell'autunno caldo italiano.
Ma quali sono... (Continues)
2005/8/16 - 23:12
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Carretera Austral

Testo e musica dei Modena City Ramblers
Lyrics and music by Modena City Ramblers
Album: "Radio Rebelde"

La Carretera Austral è una strada di ghiaia di circa 1000 km costruita nel 1979 dal regime militare di Pinochet che parte da Puerto Monti ed arriva fino all'estremo sud patagonico del Cile; una strada completamente inutilizzabile che serviva per spostamenti militari a salvaguardia della frontiera cileno-argentina.
(da La Grande Famiglia)
La terra è lunga e sporca
2005/8/16 - 22:56
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Natale a San Cristobal

da "Fuori Campo"

Il 22 dicembre 1997, uno squadrone paramilitare ha fatto irruzione nel villaggio di Acteal, vicino a San Cristobal de las Casas, uccidendo 45 indios. La "strage di Natale", avvenuta con la connivenza dell'esercito e delle autorità messicane, ha segnato uno dei momenti più tragici della tormentata storia del Chiapas.
(da La Grande Famiglia)

"Per quanto staremo a cantare / la stessa canzone?" è un chiaro riferimento a Sunday Bloody Sunday.

di Federico Razzoli
da Peacelink

Acteal è una comunità indigena piccola ma oggi abbastanza ben messa, almeno per gli standard degli indios del Chiapas. Si trova nella zona di Oventik, ma non è una comunità zapatista, nemmeno però dalla parte del governo, i suoi abitanti sono pacifisti.

Ad Acteal oggi non vive quasi nessuno, ma qualche anno fa era una comunità di desplasados, cioè persone che sono state cacciate... (Continues)
Hanno ucciso a San Cristobal
2005/8/16 - 22:38
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Pietà l'è morta

Con questo testo è stato cantata dai Modena City Ramblers con Ginevra di Marco nell'album "Appunti Partigiani" (sulla melodia della ballata irlandese "The Lakes of Ponchartrain", vedi anche wikipedia e il video. La stessa musica è utilizzata anche per la ballata americana The Lily Of The West)

2005/8/16 - 22:12

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