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Oh My God

Album: Shabrang

“Oh My God” is Dutch-Iranian, singer-songwriter Sevdaliza’s first release of 2020. Based on the announcement and explanation of the song that Sevdaliza shared to her Twitter, the song alludes to and reflects on the concurring tensions between the United States and Iran.

This song isn’t the first time that Sevdaliza has used music as a way to convey her message and opinions on cultural tensions between the United States and the Middle Eastern world— releasing the Persian-language single “Bebin” in 2017, as a response to President Donald Trump’s Muslim-directed travel ban, which included Iran among other countries.

Sevdaliza was born in Tehran, Iran and soon after relocated to the Netherlands where she grew up. However, her Iranian past and culture have still held a prominent presence in her music sonically and lyrically.
Oh my God
2020/8/28 - 10:12

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