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White Privilege II

Alum: This Unruly Mess I’ve Made (2016)
Featuring Jamila Woods
Testo da genius

"It’s easier, as a white person, to be silent about racial injustice. It’s easier. On paper. But it’s not easier on the whole, because injustice affects all of us, whether we know it or not, whether we acknowledge it or not. At a certain point, this song might affect sales, this might affect touring, but it doesn’t matter if I’m not speaking up – if I’m not pushing myself to speak truth."

Pulled into the parking lot, parked it
2019/12/29 - 00:56


Album LEGACY! LEGACY! (2019)
Featuring Nitty Scott

Il nuovo album della cantante e poetessa Jamila Woods è dedicato a dodici figure di poetesse, attiviste e musicisti e che l'hanno ispirata. Il lavoro affronta le questioni che costituiscono il cuore pulsante della produzione musicale e letteraria di Jamila, ovvero, da un lato, il recupero e la messa in valore delle radici afroamericane, dall’altro, l’autoaffermazione dell’identità femminile, tema spinoso, ancora più difficile se affrontato nella comunità nera.

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How did the poet Sonia Sanchez inspire this song?

She has a poem written in the voice of an enslaved black woman that repeats this refrain: “It was bad.” She was on “Def Poetry Jam” doing this jazz inflection with her voice, and she was like, “It was baaaad,” stretching it out so long. I saw her perform it in person last summer... (Continues)
Once upon a time, little girl on the grind
2019/5/11 - 23:26

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