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Brown Skin Baby (They Took Me Away)


QUesta canzone scritta da Bob Randall racconta la sua esperienza di bambino rubato, come avveniva per i figli degli aborigeni in nome dell'assimilazione culturale.

Bob Randall’s Brown Skin Baby, recorded in 1970, was one of the first songs written about the Stolen Generations. The song explores Randall’s own traumatic past of being “stolen”, echoing the voice of his mother as she cries and grieves for her “brown skin baby”. The song’s reception brought the events of the Stolen Generations to national and international audiences. It is not surprising that it quickly became an anthem for Indigenous communities (Barney & Macklinary, 2010).

The song is autobiographical. It begins by discussing Randall’s early life. As a boy, he spent the first years of his life on a farm in the Northern Territory with his family, riding a pony. Aware that he was at risk of being taken, the women in... (Continues)
My brown skin baby, they take him away
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