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Army of Children

Album: The Perfect High
Words & music by Bob Gibson and Irma Brown
A song for Phil Ochs

Dark protest theme written from the viewpoint of children afraid for the their future. Although this song was written long ago, it resonates today. It’s performed here by Bob Gibson and Anne Hills.

Bob Gibson Folk
There’s an army of children who gathered in the night
2018/7/16 - 23:34

The Ballad of Mark Clark and Fred Hampton

Album: "Bob Gibson"
Written by Bob Gibson & Marion Fisher

Pubblicato su Broadside #108

Dedicata a Fred Hampton, leader delle Black Panthers, e alla sua guardia del corpo Mark Clark, uccisi a tradimento nel sonno da agenti dell'FBI a Chicago il 4 dicembre 1969. Vedere anche No More e Citazione da George L. Jackson.
It was black as night at 5 AM that cold December morning
2016/10/23 - 11:15
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One More Parade

Testo e musica di Phil Ochs
Lyrics and Music by Phil Ochs
Da / From "All The News That's Fit To Sing"

"Pam Raver says: Phil wrote 'One More Parade' in Cleveland one night when he was emceeing a performance by the late Bob Gibson. He caught a guitar riff which he played for Gibson after the show and it became those decending bass notes that march through much of the song." Shortly after Phil Ochs' death, the folksinger Harry Chapin wrote the song The Parade's Still Passing By with exact reference to this song. Chapin died tragically 1981 in a car crash.

"Pam Raver dice che Phil scrisse 'One More Parade' a Cleveland, una notte mentre stava facendo da ospite a un'esibizione dello scomparso Bob Gibson. Prese un riff per chitarra che suonava per Gibson dopo lo spettacolo e ne fece le note basse discendenti presenti nella maggior parte della canzone." Poco dopo la morte di Phil Ochs,... (Continues)
Hup, two, three, four, marching down the street
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/9 - 23:28
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Sam Stone [There's A Hole In Daddy's Arm]

Lyrics and Music by John Prine
Testo e musica di John Prine

Other Recordings/Altre incisioni

  • Bob Gibson on Bob Gibson 1970.

  • Laura Cantrell on Future Soundtrack for America 2004

  • Tim Grimm on Names 2004

  • Johnny Cash on Live from Austin, TX 2005

  • Sam Stone is a song written by John Prine about a drug-addicted veteran with a Purple Heart, and his death by overdose.

    It is known for the line "There's a hole in daddy's arm, where all the money goes"

    The song can be interpreted as a reference to the phenomenon of morphine addiction among war veterans as a result of its use to treat crippling and painful injuries, and its often lifetime repercussions.

    It was said that his inspiration for this song was that of a long time friend of his, named Sam Stone who was an avid lover of marine life, and politics. - en.wikipedia
    Sam Stone came home to his wife and family
    Contributed by Riccardo Venturi

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