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The La La Peace Song


"La La Peace Song" is a song written by Johnny Bristol and Elizabeth Martin that was a hit for both Al Wilson and O. C. Smith in 1974. Both singers released albums with that name in 1974.

The song is an anti-war and peace song. The lyrics speak of a profound sound that passes over the heads of children, sounds of thunder but no rain and the kind of thunder that blows down doors, walls and things. The song tells of steel birds falling to the ground. It also mentions injustice, racial injustice dividing men and allowing their hate to grow.

It came out at a period of time when the pop charts saw a decrease in the display of anti-war feeling. The R&B charts were a bit different and there was still the indication of anti-war feeling in the songs. "There Will Never Be Any Peace Until God Is Seated At The Conference Table" by The Chi-Lites and "La La Peace Song" showed the increasingly strong vocal feeling.

La La Peace Song - Wikipedia
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