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I Had No Right

"God of the poor man this is how the day began
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2007/3/18 - 17:32


Album My Better Self (2005)

"The best, most solid place to stand as you look at our present situation is on a foundation of history. The Roman Empire, the British Empire, and the Nazi empire all have things in common. It's a cautionary song because empires are doomed. They become more diffuse, more broke, demagogues rule, and so I was just pointing out some similarities between past empires and what's going on right now. They all have had to apply more and more harsh rhetoric of superiority and divine right to justify the building of hegemony."
Who's afraid of the son?
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2006/12/28 - 12:30

All My Heroes Are Dead

Lyrics and music by Dar Williams
From "The Honesty Room"

Testo e musica di Dar Williams
da "The Honesty Room"
You gotta admit Life magazine made 1968 look great,
Contributed by Riccardo Venturi 2005/8/20 - 14:19
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