High Germany

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HIGH GERMANYTony Rose in Under the Greenwood Tree 1971
Oh Polly love, oh Polly, the rout has now begun
We must go a-marching to the beating of the drum
Dress yourself all in your best and come along with me
I'll take you to the war, my love, in High Germany
Oh abroad as I was walking, I was walking all alone(1),
When I heard a couple talking as they walked all alone.
Said the young one to the fair one: “Bonnie lass I must away,
For the king he has commanded us and his orders I must obey.”
Oh Willie love, oh Willie, come list what I do say
My feet they are so tender I cannot march away
And besides my dearest Willie I am with child by thee
Not fitted for the war, my love, in High Germany
“Oh 'tis not what you promised me when first you did me beguile:
For you promised you would marry me if you got me with child.
So it's do not forsake but pity on me take, for great is my woe,
And through France, Spain and even Ireland, it's along with you I'll go.”
I'll buy for you a horse, my love, and on it you shall ride
And all my delight shall be in riding by your side
We'll stop at every ale-house and drink when we are dry
We'll be true to one another, get married by and by
“Oh those long and the weary travellings, love, will cause you for to weep, And the hills and the lofty mountains they will blister your tender feet.
And besides, you will not yield to lie out in the field with me the whole night long, And your parents would be angry if along with me you should come.”
Cursed be them cruel wars that ever they should rise
And out of merry England press many a man likewise
They pressed my true love from me likewise my brothers three
And sent them to the war, my love, in High Germany
“Oh my friends I do not value and my foes, oh I do not fear,
For along with my jolly soldier boy I will ramble far and near.
Neither gold nor man shall deceive me but along with you I'll go
For to fight the French and the Spaniards or any other daring foe.”
My friends I do not value nor my foes I do not fear
Now my love has left me I wander far and near
And when my baby it is born and a-smiling on my knee
I'll think of lovely Willie in High Germany
“Well, since you prove so venturesome as to venture your sweet life,
First of all I will marry you and make you my lawful wife.
And if anyone shall offend you, I'll attend you, that you'll see,
And you'll hear the drums and the trumpet sound in the wars of High Germany.”

1) il passante che ascolta il dialogo tra i due innamorati è un tipico espediente di apertura per le ballate

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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