Tabratt i lhukem

Lounès Matoub / Lwennas Meɛṭub / ⵍⵡⴻⵏⵏⴰⵙ ⵎⴻⵄⵟⵓⴱ
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English version from Amazigh World
Ulayger nerja asirem an-nsenned f ssberNo use waiting for hope nor shall we abdicate
Amsedrar ur uhekkem gas yegra yezwerNever they'll let Kabyles govern, bright & learned may they be
Afus n lbatel ittwalgem lgell-is d ccerFondling injustice, their own hands have rotted like evil
I lasel ssamesn udem yegma yejjunjerThey soiled our origins
Jeggren-ts s ddin t-taârabt tamurt n LzzayerThey dyed the face of Algeria with Islam & Arabic
D uguru d uguru d uguruAlong with deceit and lies
D ungif i bubben tabburt akken i wen tedraYou resemble our tale of the birdbrain protecting the door
Ma tgilem ad delqen i tsarut tesâam nniyaHow naive, you, who hope that someday they'll drop the key
Wi Âredn tacriht n tsekkurt ur iqennaâ' raYou should know the greedier they are, the more they ask for
Ddwa-s an-ncerreg tamurt an-nebrez turaThe solution lays in lunging to split the country
Amar ass-en a yatma ar attnaqel LzzayerOnly then will Algeria be freed
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguruFrom deceit and lies
Macci d yiwen i d-izedmen yessenta tuccarNumerous arrows they stabbed and planted in us
Ay amcum seg-neg yefgen ad yejj tisigarBefore they leave us, they make sure others take over
Di Lzzayer tagmatt tuden tenter ur tettnekkerAlgeria solidarity is in an incurable agony
Ssus i Rebba acciwen ad yesni idurarThe Monster has grown horns so as to vitiate our mountains
Iâatl a d-yejbu liser ara tt-ifersenWe long for the eternally delayed remedy to cleanse it
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguruFrom deceit and lies
Gas yeqd-ag laz d facal fssber ur nettsennidAlthough dying of hunger and exhaustion, we won't surrender
Skud mazal tarwa n lehlal ur s-nkennu i lqidNor shall we kneel down as long as heroes are still among us
Akken ibga yezzelz zaylal ur nxellef abridNo matter how things worsen for us, we will remain
ig-gmmaren a tihemmal ur nfident ljjidWe experienced and overcame such situations in the past
S lasel s ssfa n lâqqel i-s an-nezwi lzzayerWith our ROOTS & WISDOM, we'll cleanse and free Algeria
Segw-gwguru segw-gwguru segw-gwguru.From your deceit and lies.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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