Баллада о любви

Vladimir Semënovič Vysotskij / Владимир Семёнович Высоцкий
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As soon as it was time for the Deluge currentWhen, after all, the great deluge was over,
To back away, at last, to former grounds,The seas came back within their coastal lines,
From hissing foam of a receding torrent,Out of the foam of the receding water
Upon dry land, Love quietly crawled out,The love came out softly to the land.
And, in the air, dissolved till time was proper,And, for some time, it faded in the air,
The proper time being forty, forty rounds...And lasted for an eon and some then.
Besides, around, there always are odd fellows,And some eccentrics that still do exist
Inhaling rashly all this stuff full breath,Inhale with their full lungs that crazy mix,
Expecting no reward, disdaining failures.Expecting neither scolding nor reward,
And thinking they are breathing for no reason,And thinking they are free to breath it in
All of a sudden, they fall in the rhythm ofThey realize one day that they fit in
A similar faltering breathing...Somebody else's intermittent breathing.
Only there's a feeling that my shipBut remember: a feeling’s like a boat
Has to remain long afloat,It’s afloat until you realize:
Prior to cognizing that 'I love'That the words «I love» mean simply that
Is equal to 'I breathe' or else 'I live'.«I can breathe» and «I am still alive».
There'll be a lot of pilgrimage and travels:There will be plenty of despair and roaming.
The Realm of Love is an extensive realm.The land of love is the most noble land.
From chivalry of hers for the ordealsThe knights of love will have to go through testing
Ever more will she expect,With ever higher standards and demands.
Demanding distances and separation,They will be separated by a distance,
Depriving of repose, of sleep and rest...Devoid of leisure, sleep without rest.
But there's no way to lead the guys astrayBut nothing in the world can turn them back.
Because, by now, they will agree to payThose madmen do agree to pay it back,
Whatever price. They'd even risk their livesPay any price, their lives won't be excepted
In order to keep whole and to retainIn order to preserve and to protect
A fairy unnoticeable thread,Some indiscernible and magic thread
Extending to the hearts of the beloved.Which love between them now has extended.
Fresh breeze makes the chosen feel drunk,Wind and snow swept them off their feet,
Knocks off feet and raises from the dead,Made them drunk and raised them from the dead.
Insomuch as if you haven't loved,'Cause remember you have neither lived,
Then you haven't lived, nor have you breathed.Nor have breathed, if you have never loved.
But plenty who are breathless out of loveAnd most of them have choked with love forever.
Will never hear, call them as you will.They can't be reached no matter what you do.
Their count is kept by hearsay and twaddle.They are accounted by idle talk and rumor,
On blood, however, this count is often mixed.And that account is laced with pure blood.
Be candles put to decorate the head bedBut we will light up candles in the memory
Of victims of unprecedented feeling...Of those who died from the unprecedented love.
Blend their voices, always keeping time.Their souls, among the flowers, will run
Roam their souls perennially in flowers.And their voices will blend and sound as one.
Breathe they eternity together in one breath.They will inhale eternity together.
Come they across each other with a sigh,And somewhere, on a fragile river cross,
On fragile bridges and on brittle gangways,A narrow bridge across the universe
At narrow crossroads of space and time.Holding their breath, they will meet each other.
For lovers, the fields will I lay -I will open fields to those who love!
Sing they in a sleep and in a wake.Let them sing awake and in their rest.
I breathe therefore I love,I do breathe and that means I'm in love.
I love therefore I live.I'm in love and that means I exist.

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