La Fabbrica

Stormy Six
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Versione inglese di Giuseppe Romano
March the 5th, 19438/4/43
the royal army in the mud,in the mud the Duce and the king's armies
the soldiers dying on the Donthe Alpini are dying,betrayed, along the Don
A hundred workers in every factoryA hundred workers in every workshop
wait for the siren to ringwaiting for the siren sound
The factory roars with its machines and enginesechoes the factory of machines and engines
louder, the silence of a thousand workersmore louder the thousand workers silence
The siren rings, they put down their toolsand then when the time comes, they lay down their tools
The first strike in Turin begins nowthe first strike begins in the Turin factories
A boy runs around, spreading the newsAnd runs here and there a boy to give the voice
another factory stops, more workers cross their armsstops another factory, other arms go on the cross
at the police station, the telephone rings and ringsand the phones in the police station are ringing
a fascist acts fearless, but he's trembling with feara hierarch act like a brave, but begins to be afraid
Great promises, the fatherland, the empireGreat promises, the homeland and the empire
more and more women dressed in blackmore and more women dressed in black
ringing alarms, cities in ruinsalarms that sound, cities in ruins
March the 15th, on the newspaperFifteen March the newspaper is in Milan
the communists call for the revolutionrelaunch the appeal the clandestine PCI
the cops inspect, they pretend to knowthe cops control,pretend to know
the blackshirts act aggressivelystart the arrogance of the Blackshirts
and then suddenly, the zeal cools downbut when is the time,mthe ardors die
as a hundred thousand workers begin their strikebecause 100'000 workers go on strike
A fascist squad arrives, nightsticks in handand come some thughs armed with sticks
they back off right away, being hit by bricksbut immediatly run away under sthe blows of bricks
and just like in Stalingrad the nazis felland as in Stalingrad the nzaist was defeated
at the striking Breda, the fascists fledat the communist Breda during the strike the fascist runned away

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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