La Fabbrica

Stormy Six
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Una versione migliorata della mia traduzione di un anno fa.
March the 5th, 1943March the 5th, 1943
The royal army in the mudthe royal army in the mud,
The soldiers die, deceived, along the Donthe soldiers dying on the Don
A hundred workers in every workplaceA hundred workers in every factory
are waiting for the siren to ringwait for the siren to ring
the factory rumbles with machines and motorsThe factory roars with its machines and engines
louder, the silence of a thousand workerslouder, the silence of a thousand workers
then, they put down their toolsThe siren rings, they put down their tools
the first strike begins in TurinThe first strike in Turin begins now
A boy spreads the newsA boy runs around, spreading the news
more factories stops, more arms crossanother factory stops, more workers cross their arms
at the police station, the telephones ring, stubbornat the police station, the telephone rings and rings
a fascist acts fearless, but begins fearinga fascist acts fearless, but he's trembling with fear
Great promises, the motherland, the empireGreat promises, the fatherland, the empire
more and more women dressed in blackmore and more women dressed in black
alarms ringing, cities turned to rubblesringing alarms, cities in ruins
March the 15th, the newspaper in MilanMarch the 15th, on the newspaper
the clandestine communist party repeats the callthe communists call for the revolution
the cops inspect, they pretend to knowthe cops inspect, they pretend to know
the blackshirts turn arrogantthe blackshirts act aggressively
but as the bell rings, the zeal cools downand then suddenly, the zeal cools down
a hundred thousand workers strikeas a hundred thousand workers begin their strike
A fascist squad comes with their nightsticksA fascist squad arrives, nightsticks in hand
but they head back right away, as bricks are thrown at themthey back off right away, being hit by bricks
just like in Stalingrad the Nazi felland just like in Stalingrad the nazis fell
from the striking factory, the fascists fledat the striking Breda, the fascists fled

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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