Chant des Partisans

Yves Montand
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De forêt en forêt
La route longe
Le précipice
Et loin tout là-haut /
Quelque part vogue la lune
Qui se hâte

Nous irons là-bas
Où ne pénètre ni le corbeau
Ni la bête sauvage
Personne, aucune force
Ne nous soumettra
Ne nous chassera

Vengeurs du peuple
Nous mettrons en pièces
La force mauvaise
Dût le vent de la liberté
Aussi notre tombe...

Nous irons là-bas
Et nous détruirons
Les réseaux ennemis
Qu'ils le sachent, nos enfants
Combien d'entre nous sont tombés
Pour la liberté !

Friend, do you hear the crows' dark flight over our plains?
Friend, do you hear the muffled cries of the country being shackled?
Ahoy ! Resistants, labourers and farmers, the alarm has sounded!
Tonight the enemy shall know the price of blood and tears.

Come out of the mine, come down from the hills, comrades,
Take the guns, the munitions and the grenades from under the straw;
Ahoy killers, with bullets and knives kill swiftly!
Ahoy "saboteur", be careful with your burden of dynamite!

We're the ones who smash the bars of jails, for our brothers,
Hate pursuing us, it's hunger that drives us, dire poverty.
There are countries where people sleep in their beds and dream.
Here, you see, we walk and we kill and we die

Here, each one of us knows what he wants, what he does when he passes by;
Friend, if you fall, a friend comes from the shadows in your place.
Tomorrow, black blood will dry in the sun on the roads
Whistle, companions, in the night, freedom listens to us.

Pagina della canzone con tutte le versioni

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