Mitt var starfið

Theodóra Thoroddsen
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Traduzione inglese 2 / English translation 2 / Traduction anglaise...
My job was in this worldMy work, in a world of
hot and cold days,hot and cold days,
to wipe and comb childrenwas to clean and comb kids
and work hard at darning.and to toil away darning.
I yearned to play freelyI longed to play freely
like a lamb in the green pasture,like a lamb in a green meadow,
but they are not granted peacebut those who have holes to darn
who are supposed to darn holes.are not shown any mercy.
I longed to pick flowersI longed to read the flowers
during the long and bright days,on long, bright sunny days,
but need said with a voice of thunder:but necessity ordered in a thunderous voice:
You should be darning."You should be darning."
The world had a hard judgmentThe world had a heavy doom
to hang on my coathooks,to hang upon my hook.
how I was bereft of qualitiesOf qualities I was void
and suited to darning.and for darning I was born.
Come the Devil with his knifeShould death come with his knife
and cut short my days,and shorten my days
I think it will be my lotI think it will be my fate
to darn socks in darn away in hell.

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