Vapenlös [Jag vill möta...]

Jan Hammarlund
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English translation 2 / Engelsk översättning 2 / Traduzione i...
Armed, erect and and closed in armourArmed, upright and shielded in armour
forth I came -I went forth -
but of terror was the mail-coat cast,but from fear was the coat of mail cast
and of shame.and from shame.
I want to drop my weapons,I want to throw down my weapons,
sword and shield.sword and shield.
All that hard hostilityAll the stark hostility
made me cold.was my coldness.
I have seen the dry seedsI have seen the dry seeds
grow at last.finally grow.
I have seen the bright greenI have seen the light green
spread out fast.unfurl.
Mightier than ironMighty is the tenderness of life
is life's tenderness,stronger than iron,
driven forth from the earth's heartdriven out of the heart of the Earth
without defence.defenceless.
The spring dawns in winter's regions.Spring dawns in winter regions,
where I froze.where I froze.
I want to meet life's powersI want to meet the forces of life

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