Φύσα αγέρα

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English translation / Μετέφρασε στα αγγλικά / Traduzione ingle...
Lassù tra le nieve della RussiaUp there among Russian snows
Ove alita sovente l’aura d'aquilone,where the north wind always blows,
Le nugole sono etternamente sbanditeforever sweeps the clouds
E infrange i vincoli del servaggio,and breaks the chains of slavery,
E infrange i vincoli del servaggio.and breaks the chains of slavery.
Risplende il novo lumeRenewed, the sun lights
Il core mesto del mancipio,the slave’s afflicted heart,
Ei vince la nostra libertade,freedom takes advantage,
Oh che alia l’aura d'aquilone,oh blow, north wind,
Oh, oh, oh, oh, alia l’aura d'aquilone.oh, oh, oh, oh, blow north wind.

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